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  1. Looking for the N120 Extension Ring 50 w/Lock. Also, the N100 to N120 35.5mm Adapter II and N100 Macro Port 110 if anyone happens to have one.
  2. Looking for the N100 macro port 110 if anyone has one. Thanks!
  3. I think the part number is 37305 Thanks!
  4. Nauticam flash trigger for Olympus. Note that this will only work for the EM5 as the posts broke so I had to glue it together. Asking $100 shipped CONUS. Can't upload anymore pics. Email twmcelveen@gmail.com for pics.
  5. Works for most mirrorless/compact housings. Previously used on an NA-EM5II for less than a month. Asking $50 shipped CONUS.
  6. Flexitray II with handles and balls, previously used on an NA-EMII. Asking $150 plus shipping.
  7. Focus gear and Port are sold. Lens still available.
  8. Nauticam 36401 N85 to N120 55mm adapter with lock and focus knob. Allows use of the 180mm glass dome ports with zoom lenses like the Oly 7-14s. Asking $450 excluding shipping and PP fees. Email twmcelveen@gmail.com for pics.
  9. Olympus 60mm F2.8 macro lens in great condition. Asking $250 for the lens, $300 for lens + focus gear, or $500 for lens + focus gear + Nauticam 65 Flat Port, plus shipping. Sample images can be seen at http://www.traviswaynephotography.com Email twmcelveen@gmail.com for pics. Thanks!
  10. Switching systems and unloading my Oly stuff. Oly 7-14 2.8 PRO lens, excellent condition. Asking $900 shipped CONUS or plus shipping international. Email twmcelveen@gmail.com for pics. Thanks!
  11. Headed to Coz next week but when I get back I was planning on unloading all my Oly stuff. I've got the Oly 8mm PRO, 7-14 PRO and 60mm all with ports and adapters. I think the 4" dome is the same for the Oly and Pana fisheyes if I'm not mistaken.
  12. I have not, but thanks for the tip! I was just sitting down to start measuring.
  13. I've found a ton of Oly 3d printed gears online and here, but I haven't been able to find any for the 7-14 Pro. It needs a zoom and focus gear and I'd rather not have to pay another ~$400 on top of the $1200 lens, $1200 dome and $600 85 to 120mm adapter ring. Thought I'd check before I try to design one myself and maybe save myself some trouble. Thanks!
  14. Interested in the 60mm, port and gear also if you decide to split up.
  15. Camera and housing sold! Kraken and tray still available.
  16. Maybe a dumb question but can you elaborate on the "older 4/3 ports" and which Inon 170mm dome you use that works with the Oly 8mm? Obviously, going with a dome that gives me the most flexibility in lens options would be great. The Zen glass 170 is compatible with both the Oly 8mm and Pany 7-14, but more expensive vs going with the Nauticam acrylic 4" dome which only works with one or the other. Also, just want to say I appreciate all the great suggestions and sample shots! You guys rock!
  17. Good point, Jock! Mostly warm water stuff in good vis 3-4 trips a year - Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, the Keys plus some cave stuff but that's usually video. Definitely agree on the workshop, I did a few short sessions with Cathy Church in Cayman and it was totally worth it. Thanks for the link...I really like Kelli's write-ups! -Travis
  18. Thanks, Chris! So, does anyone recommend a fisheye? Seems pretty unanimous for the 7-14... Speaking of, obviously the 2.8 on the Oly 7-14 is nice over the 4 on the Pany, but is it really worth the extra cost? Pany 7-14 $800 + Nauticam Acrylic Dome $500 + Zoom Gear $200 = $1500 (all new) Oly 7-14 $1300 + Nauticam Dome $1000 + N85 to N120 adapter $400 + Extension Ring $180 + Zoom Gear $200 = $3080 (all new) That's a big chunk of change for a few extra stops, plus the upgraded glass dome.
  19. Wow, great shots! So, it sounds like the 60mm is a definite for macro and I was leaning heavily towards the fisheye, but I keep hearing you guys loving the 7-14...but the 7-14 gets expensive real quick with the glass dome and the $400 N85 to N120 port adapter! I dont think Ill be happy trying to do it all with just one lens, so Ill probably go with two. I do have dual strobes, so that wont be an issue.
  20. Selling my TG-5 setup as Im upgrading to an OM system! 😁 TG-5 and PT-058 housing both 6 months old and like new condition. Comes with all original accessories including warranty card. Camera was only used inside housing so the screen and body are in great shape. Also includes 2 extra Wasabi batteries and extra charger. Kraken KRL-02 wet wide lens also 6 months old. Great wide angle lens and really adds to the TG-5s abilities. Comes with original case and a Bluewater neoprene cover. There are a few scratches on the glass but nothing deep enough to show up in photos. Sealife double tray with arms and ball joint adapters. About a year old. Great shape and all release buttons work well. The ball joint adapters have typical wear marks from carrying handle shackles. This is a really great rig for the beginner to intermediate photographer. I really learned a lot with this setup and gave me the confidence to move up to mirrorless. $1000 USD buyer pays shipping and PP fees. Would be willing to split up but Id prefer to sell the camera and housing together.
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