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  1. Hi Looking for a z240 type 4 inon strobe. I'm located in Germany. Thanks and best regards, Claus
  2. I'm intreded in, - one Inon z240 - 4,33 Port - Flash trigger Please send PM if you will decide to split it.
  3. it's possible to send the strobes to Germany?
  4. I got a housing from switzeland and hat to pay tax and custom fee. There for you have include that Money to that Price which you want to pay. The process at the customer Office was simple, they need only a so called proforma invoice or a e-mail where the paied price is written. With your price plus the shipping cost they will calculate the tax and customer fee. After you have paid you can take your staff.
  5. I am interested in the Panasonic 7-14 Wide Angle and the 6" Dome Port. Do you want to sell it separately?
  6. look for two Inon z-240 flashes. If you have some you they have to be sent to Germany.
  7. I bought a housing. Thanks to the forum
  8. Yes i know that only the Panasonic 7-14 or the Olympus 8mm will fit in the N85 but it have to be Version I. We will see, if I get an option to buy an used one than also a 180mm from Nauticam with N120 or N85 would be okay.
  9. My decision is done for the 60mm macro and the 12-50mm, therefore I will buy a 65mm macro port from Nauticam. About the wide angle I'm thinking abot the Zen 170mm Dome Port with an 30mmm Extension which can be used for my 9-18mm. But there also a 8mm Olympus or the 7-14mm Panasonic will fit. For me a good Option with flexibility and weight. What do you think about this Setups? Will they work or do i have forgot somthing?
  10. Thanks again Chris. I didn'T saw that the 18802 is bigger, due to that it is not an Option.
  11. Does a Nauticam 18802 N120 8.5 inch Acrylic Dome Port fit for the 8mm and the 9-18mm? What is the different between the 18802 and the 18809? Claus
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a Nauticam housing for an Olympus EM1. Best regards, Claus
  13. Hi, the port there is an N100. Does this one work with the EM1 and the 9-18mm or 8mm Panasonic or 8mm Olympus Fisheye? I did't found an adapter N100 to N85 with 30mm. So far this port is fine for my set-up, which adapter should I take? Thanks, Claus
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