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  1. thank you all for this info. I am very appreciative and especially excited about the Nikonos info as I have a few of those lenses! Im going to see if I can get adapters as that sounds like a great plan- much better than them collecting dust as they are currently doing....
  2. hard to sell 1 strobe ... if it is available still I would like to offer you 360 euros for it. Fiona
  3. I am having exactly the same issue with the same lens. Its really soft around all edges underwater and I have even tried to use a dome extender which didn't help. Also the edges are soft no matter the aperture. I am shooting a D800 with a nauticam housing and a Zen dome port 8 inch optical glass. Did you ever find a suitable resolution to your query ? I am currently shooting the nikon 16 mm fisheye but I am looking for a good rectilinear that will work with this set up and doesn't have those super soft edges. Ideally I'd like something with a bit of a zoom but would look at a prime lens longer than 20 mm with close focusing distance capability. I could post images but they all look just like yours- super soft around the edges and nice and sharp in the centre. thanks Fiona
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