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  1. I have never dived Hawaii and I know it is a pretty large area with a number of beautiful islands. Can anyone let me know where the best island to go diving would be, including liveaboards. Or can anyone pint me to a good website that covers all of Hawaii as a dive destination? I had a look but was unsuccessful. Thanks, Brett
  2. I was in Bantayan last year, only problem was there was no dive shops. Barry Deeney owns Moby Dicks Resort and Restaurant, he can organise some tanks if you have your own gear. Beautiful Island, the diving isn't too bad. Brett
  3. I don't believe you will have any luck anywhere in Cebu. Have you been there before? Mactan is an island where the international airport is located, which is connected to Cebu via a bridge. There are a number of 5 star hotels on Mactan all with diving facilities. My personal opinion is the diving there is not that crash hot. Moalboal is pretty much off the beaten track and is more of a village than anything else. Most of the beach has been washed away but they do have some good dive spots. Your best bet for hiring u/w photography equipment would be in Manila, try Aquaventure Philippines or Divenet Philippines, both are in Makati City (Manila's CBD). Good luck and enjoy. Brett
  4. Hi Ron, Great site, I love the shot of the three Amphiprion Perculas, they are great specimans. Why are you changing to a D100? The CP5000 was not as good as you liked? Regards, Brett
  5. Is this guy for real?? Surely this is a prank!
  6. I can see both sides of the argument and at the end of the day, it is your descision what you end up doing. If your a new diver, then diving with a buddy, in my opinion is extremely important, it builds confidence and teaches you quicker, you learn as a team. I do solo dive, with or without a camera, sometimes I just don't want the hassle of looking after new divers or cowboy divers when I'm paying for a dive. If you have the ability and correct setup then go for it, but sometimes having a buddy around to verify what you claim to have seen is very helpful! Brett
  7. The wife wants a surprise! I hate surprises, but I'm working on her though. I also have a border collie called deco. Common theme here? Brett
  8. You picked well. My 16 month boy is named Kai. I'm in the same predicament for my next child only I don't know the sex yet? Brett
  9. Hi I'm Brett, I live and work as an insurance broker in Brisbane Australia. I have been diving for 18 years and have only very briefly dabbled in U/W photography. I have been lucky enough to dive a fair bit of the South Pacific and South East Asia and lived and instructed at a dive resort in the Philippines for 6 months. I have a Nikonos V 35mm and 75mm lens with dual Isotta Strobes which I want to upgrade to digital, hopefully. Brett
  10. Thanks for that Robert. I bought my strobes new, about five years ago. Oh well there goes digital. bj
  11. Hi guys, I hope someone can assist me. I currently have a Nikonos V with dual Isotta/Isolux 33TTL stobes. Has anyone had any experiencees with Isotta/Isolux products??? Can anyone tell me whether these stobes will be compatible with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 or for that matter any other Digital camera. I have been given permission from the wife to upgrade, however I'm not allowed to buy new strobes. Thanks, bj
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