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  1. Hey all, I am in a bit of a bind; I've seen some discussion on this for land based stuff, but not for underwater. Right now, Sony is offering a pretty good cashback for its mirrorless cameras and I would like to upgrade to something better than my old canon point and shoot. The two contenders are the a6500 and a7ii. I can currently get an a7ii for about a 200 bucks cheaper than the a6500, including accounting for my intended setup (16-50mm kit / 28-70mm and a 50mm f/2.8 macro + equivalent accessories) Quirks of the respective housings aside, i would like your thoughts on the following: 1. Autofocus ability while underwater - how does the a6500's 'best in class' focusing system translate underwater, in comparison to the a7ii 2. Ease of use (i note the a7ii has more control dials), but how does this translate underwater (assuming all dials are accessible on a housing) 3. Image quality - i won't be doing much video, and i've heard the a6500's sensor is nearly as good as the full frame sensor on the a7ii. 4. Better value long term - noting that the a7ii has a relatively outdated sensor, lenses are more expensive, but it still full frame, vs the top of the line APS-C sensor in the a6500 Cheers!
  2. Hello from Western Australia! Looking to get back into UW photography since it's been a while. Also upgrading from my little crappy canon point and shoot (1/2.3") to larger format, so looking forward to some helpful tips and discussions!
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