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  1. Hi, unlike the na-a7ii body nikonos adaptor this one has no screws to prevent it from 'unlocking', right?. If you would touch the lens too much underwater and accidentally move it around, could it unscrew and flood the body?
  2. I'm looking for the Nauticam Nikonos adaptor for the NA-A7 housing, Mark I. Preferably from the EU. regards, Frederik
  3. Terrible facts indeed. .. It's al about exposure and media when you come to think of it. And unfortunately one does just not feel the direct impact of such killings. Luckily there are many divers/explorers reporting on these activities on social media.
  4. Hi from Belgium! 1. we should have won the world cup 2. Got myself a Nauticam NA A7 housing for my A7 (mark I), standard kit lens and lens housing, 1 Symbiosis SS-2 to experiment with both video and pictures. In addition I've bought a Nikonos 15mm, and I'm still looking for 2nd hand adaptor for the NA A7 housing. So please contact me if you're selling! I really look forward to use my kit! 3. If you're from Belgium and you're into taking underwater pictures/video don't hesitate to contact me for a dive! My next trip, and first live aboard, is planned in October in Egypt kind regards, Frederik
  5. great topic here! General question, do you guys pack your camera inside the housing already for traveling?
  6. Hi both, I've decided to try underwater photography and videography and have my NA-A7 setup with the standard kit lens and flat port. I was looking to get the Nikonos 15mm with the nauticam NA A7 adaptor, but does this mean the full frame sensor is fully exposed in the housing? Are there ways to protect it? regards, Frederik
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