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  1. I have already posted something similar elsewhere However I have not had any feedback so I thought I may have posted in the wrong area Is any one using A D300 in a Sea and Sea Housing with Inon Z240 Strobes. If anyone is how are they doing? Thinking of purchasing the Sea and Sea Housing but a bit worried about compatibility with Inon's Not bothered about TTL like to shoot manual Any replies appreciated Ellejay
  2. I have for Sale the following all in excellent condition Nikon D70 Camera Sea and Sea Housing ys90 duo Strobe ys90 Auto Strobe Various O rings + lube, Manuals and Boxes Just add Ports and you are ready to Dive I am looking for around £900 for the lot Can ship anywhere in the Uk Next Day if required Can accept Cheques, Credit Card or Cash If interested e-mail lesley.boyes@yahoo.co.uk Pics available if required Pics taken with the above Gear can be seen Here www.into-the-blue.co.uk
  3. Cheers Chris I think that is the major problem with the Sea & sea D70 housing the viewfinder, I have never tried the D200 Sea & Sea housing so i cannot comment However i have used a Subal with the GS Viewfinder and thats another load of dough onto the housing so here's hoping the D300 housing from Sea & Sea addresses that issue as well. I have seen an Inon Z240 type 2 strobe on e-bay at a good price so i may spend some hard earned cash there. ellejay
  4. Thanks for coming back so quickly Alex I was swaying towards a D200 and Subal Housing but you are indeed right Staying with Sea & Sea may be the best option financially. The only real problems i have with the D70 is the viewfinder issue on the housing and the LCD screen could do with being a bit bigger but perhaps i should wait to see the new D300 housing from Sea & Sea before making any changes. Although i think changing to a couple of Inon Z240's would not go wrong at all. Cheers Ellejay
  5. At present i use the Following Nikon D70 Sea & sea Housing YS90 Auto strobe various lenses and ports Thinking of changing to the D200 or D300 nikon The question is should i change the complete setup or just beef up the original kit Let's say change the Strobe to 2 x Inon Z240 or go the whole way and change the full package, camera, housing etc Two reasons i am think of changing is the viewfinder problem on the Sea & Sea housing and the larger LCD on the new Nikons So i need some assistance what would you guys do ? ellejay
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