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  1. Hi everyone ok so j am dropping the price of my rig to 3200 the optical lens alone is worth 1500 if I don't get no interest nk worrys I may remove it. Thanks for looking.
  2. Ok looking to see if there is any interest in my camera rig the houseing is a gates underwater pmw-200 and I am selling the camera for it too which is a Sony pmw-200 full hd 422. There is a standard dome with the setup and also a optical dome too which was bought seperatly. This will be included too. There is a 64gb memory card too and the pellicase too. There are lots of extras seals three batterys. Please email any questions. Anyone interested £3800 ono
  3. so there everyone just wondering if anyone has experience shark diving in south africa and can recomend any one. Thanks in advance.
  4. hi a little off topic but does anyone know why I cant post in classified adds thanks.
  5. Hi there every one my name is Toby loveland I am a avid diver warm water and cold like to dive as much as possible. I am very much into underwater photography and video work. I am currently looking to sell some video equipment sony full HD professional camera and gates houseing with lots of extras thanks for the invite to the group. Kind regards Toby loveland
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