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  1. Hi! I got an old Nikon D70 with a Ikelite housing and a single DS125 strobe. It seems like the electronics inside the housing controling the TTL is broken. The LEDs on the backside is'nt working and I can't get the strobe to fire when I have it(the strobe) set to TTL. However if I disconnect the strobe and manually short the two appropriate pins I can get it to fire both when set to manual and to TTL, I have also checked the cable and it's OK. When I connect everything together except for the camera I can get the strobe to fire by shorting the two appropriate pins at the camera connector but only when I have it set to manual, not when set to TTL. I am now considering to sell the equipment and I think it would be much easier to get sold and I could also get some more cash out of it if I could fix this, however since i am corrently unemployed I am not very keen on sending it back to Ikelite except if it's really needed. Thanks! Edvin MellergÄrd
  2. ok, this was damn fucking odd, this morning when I was checking the camera it took photos, I havent touched the cable or even opend up the housing. Strange... The housing is with ITTl
  3. Hi! Just bought my first SLR and uv-housing for it, a Nikon D70, a Ikelite Housing and a DS-125 storbe. So today I was off to do my first dive with it, a small wreck in Stockholm, Sweden. Last night when I assembled the gear i had some problem with it, sometimes the sync cord connection on the camera didnt seem to fit and tha camera didnt get any connection with the strobe. In stead it tried to open the built in strobe but it was unable due to the housing. Becouse of that the camera cant open up the flash completely it doesnt take any image. As this is my first SLR and I just bought it I only use the Auto mode for now. The camera does focus and apply all other settings but it wont take a photo. I didnt buy the stuff new but from another diver here in stockholm and he told me that he had cut off one of the corners from the connecter on the cable and was told to do so by Ikelite. Becouse of this problem I couldnt take any photos on neither of the two dives today, very sadly becouse I had alot of great moment with some nice fishes, sponges and so on. I really dont want to have this problem again so I wonder if there is some1 els who have had this problem and came up with a solution for it.
  4. I would defintly go for a one of Waterproofs newest suits. I just bought one and I must say that I have never find one that lets me move around this much. Especially the gloves are wonderful. Chech them out on http://www.waterproof-gear.com/ or http://www.waterproof.se/main.php
  5. Hi! Image number 3 I only took becouse of the big bite in the fish. Thought it looked very coll. The alst photo is actuly black and white in the upper left corner. Its becouse of the built in flash as it doesnt reach out the the whole image, particulary the left side, the colours got totaly fucked up there so I had to do something about it and the black and white was the solution for it.
  6. unfortuently it isnt fogging in the housing. I have an other picture shot about 2 sec before that one and it hasnt any fogging at al.
  7. Hi, took this picture a week or so ago and I really like the scene. But I dont know what I should do in photoshop to fix the white "mist". Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Hi everyone! I am pretty new to underwater photografing. I started photografing about 6 month ago and these are some of my best shots this far. I am using a Sony DSC p-11 pocketcamera with no external flash or any other stuff. Right now am I looking for a digital SLR camera. I will probobly by a Nikon d70. Plz give my some advises of how to get better photos in the future
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