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  1. I somehow misplaced my Nauticam vacuum cap while on a diving trip. I did not realize it until I finished a dive. My housing remained dry until I relieved the vacuum and although I tried to remove all the water from the exposed vacuum valve, a light mist got on my camera. I decided to push it and did around five dives with one at 100 feet with no problems. Maybe I just got lucky! Since I could not find any reports of people diving without a cap, I thought I would post about my experience. But please, do this at your own risk and please do blame me if you housing leaks without a cap!
  2. I just got back from a trip to Mag Bay. I flew into La Paz but did not have any problems because my first leg was from Oakland to Guadalajara where I cleared customs without incident. My flight from Guadalajara to La Paz was a domestic flight therefore I did not go through customs at La Paz. This is one work around to the problem.
  3. Due to an emergency surgery, I can not attend my Alex Mustard’s Red Sea Photography workshop. It starts June 30, 2018 and is a 7 night liveaboard trip. I paid $1,700 and want to sell my spot for $1,000.
  4. Redtail or Crosshatch Triggerfish, Xanthichthys mento?
  5. I am selling my Nauticam 7D housing and Canon 7D camera as I have switched to a Nauticam 7D mkii. The housing is in good condition. I bought the housing new from Backscatter in October 2010 and the housing had a complete overhaul by Nauticam in May 2015. The housing has a Leak Sentinel vacuum leak detector installed. The Canon 7D camera is in very good condition as it was just used in the housing. I have a spare 7D that I used as a backup/topside camera which I could sell separately. Price for the Nauticam 7D housing and Canon 7D is $2,000.
  6. Bill, what was the working distance between the SMC and the CMC? Thanks, Todd
  7. Thanks for the ID howeikwok and liquidguru! Liquidguru - beautiful video, perfectly displays what I saw.
  8. I found this "thing" a couple of millimeters in length in constant, erratic motion. Any idea what it is?
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