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  1. For Sale, Canon dSLR + Lenses + Sea&Sea Housing + Ports Canon 50D (appox. 3500 shots) Sigma 17-70 Canon 60 Macro Tokina 10-17 Fisheye Sea&Sea MDX-40 6" NX Dome NX flat port SX extension ring Zoom gear for Tokina FE Price: 2500€ + shipping cost (from Finland) Some pictures are available on: http://www.kolumbus....le_sea&sea.html Regards, Teemu
  2. For Sale: Patima Housing for Canon 350D Patima 170 mm dome port Patima zoom port Patima flat port eTTL converter Canon 350D camera Canon 18-55 lens Some pictures and contact information from here Price request is 1100 Eur Teemu
  3. Thank you all. By the Sea and Sea -chart and discussion on this forum I have decided to go on with following ports: 1. Canon EF-S 60 Macro - NX Standard flat port 2. Canon 100 Macro - NX Standard flat port + SX extension 3. Sigma 17-70 - Optical dome + SX extension + extension ring 40 + zoom gear 4. Tokina 10-17 - Optical dome + SX extension + zoom gear Hopefully these ports will work nicely. My target was to have minimum amount of ports and accessories for these 4 lenses. I think two ports and two extension rings and one focus gear will be acceptable when traveling by plane. Teemu
  4. Hi all, I'm going to update my 350D to 50D. I'm planning to buy S&S MDX-40D. What would be the right ports for: 1. Canon EF-S 60 Macro 2. Canon 100 mm Macro (usm) 3. Sigma 17-70 4. Tokina 10-17 FE Thanks, Teemu
  5. Here are my three shots. Caption: Perch in trap Location: Lake Ruokjärvi, Finland Gear: Canon 350D + 60 macro in Patima housing. Available light Caption: Trevally Location: Similan islands, Thailand Gear: Canon 350D + 18-55 mm in Patima housing + Magic filter Caption: Water lily Location: Lake Ruokjärvi, Finland Gear: Canon 350D + 18-55 mm in Patima housing. Available light Teemu
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