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  1. Hello, I saw some people saying they can make DIY zoom & focus gear with 3D printer.. I wish I can bring some manual lens underwater, which nauticam has no interests. currently using a7s3 nauticam, does anybody know the solutions? or does anybody know company or people who can do the work? Thank you Miru
  2. Hello, davec13o2 I've used A7S2 and R2 underwater for 4-5 years, now I am using PP7 or 9, s-gamut 3 cine, slog 2 or 3. I tried many PP including cine, but it was not enough for me as I like ambient-natural light very much, and I did not want to lose highlights. I am generally happy with results, but also have some issues, like color-banding after color correction, some noise from higher ISO and log. But I belive you can overcome these unless you play it in a huge screen or using for commercials. 99% slog-2, s-gamut3
  3. It was August, 2019. I miss all the days in the warm tropical water. https://youtu.be/Hc_w1srP9yw ps) Anybody can help me to embedd my video on this page? I try to copy and paste sharing code onmy youtube page, but it dose not work.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Hc_w1srP9yw?start=1" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. Hello Steen, I am using A7S2 with 16-35ZA. I think both lenses are fine, but as guys above wrote, glass quality is a bit better in 2.8 GM. But ZA is lighter and has image stabilization. I haven't used 2.8GM by far, but a friend of mine had changed from 2.8 to ZA as he valued IS ability.
  5. Thank you very much Walt ! What a nice answer ! I'll try Red in a pool next week - Maybe I can feel the things you wrote. So Small and Light is not always vitrue Thank you again.
  6. Hello Andrei, your comments helped me a lot. This is somewhat different topic but I am curious your opinion. I know a guy who is professional underwater cinematographer shoot things with Ari and Red with huge crane. The guy insists me that the design of housings for mirroless camera/DSLR is very different from cinema camera like Red/Ari or C200 you mentioned. you know, those are elongated design. So he said its easier to balance underwater, and it shows low shakeness than we think even thought the cameras have no internal stabilization. What do you think? If the words have meaning, maybe C200 has benefit over BMPCC 4K, which has ordinary mirroless/dslr design housing.
  7. I just saw its prototype housing. It is possible to put SSD, and have extra-batteries. but I see the connectors are too many in such a small space, so I am worring maybe there are no space for HDMI output.. Am I right?
  8. Yeah... I'll never forget the moment.. I should have pull it out sooner, but I just dived with it, and it was disaster For me, the only reason I use R2 underwater is because 4K super35 mode, which not available in S2, S2 only supports FHD super35, not 4K. With super35 mode, I can shoot close up of some fish or medium-size critters, like frogfish, pipefish, big nudibranch and crabs with my 16-35 lens. The general quality is better in s2, especially in deeper condition..
  9. I tried underwater AWB, but it is not constant as I move around or sun light change suddenly. So I recently started to do some manual WB by shooting coral rubbles or sand, in very shallow water like 5-10M. Then it shows pretty cool WB. Even I go deeper, I just add some red on the same WB, and I go really deep, I just set Kelvin like 4000K or 4200K Thank you, yes i did FCPX. I am on Weefine 8000 from Hongkong. Its too warm compare to Keldan Thank you Tim Thank you Alfonso!
  10. Awesome! May I ask some - what tripod legs are you using, ans how do you set WB and what light are you using?
  11. Thank you for your reply I think you are using Keldan, do you use cyan filter?
  12. I just cameback from whitemanta, its awesome footage - how did you shhot aerial ? did you take some plane ?
  13. What about Misool eco resort? Have you tried there? I am considering between liveaborad and misool eco resort..
  14. How is WWL-1 ? I am using SEA&SEA housing with my A7S2, R2 But lens I can use in that housing is very limited. so I am considering chaging my housing to nauticam for fisheye and many other reasons. How is AF in WWL-1, and resolution? May I see the results?
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