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  1. Complete camera and underwater housing rig. Never dropped, never flooded. Always rinsed after each dive, and always dried carefully after each day of diving. No scratches on any lenses or ports. Original cost for everything at least $1600, which is about what you'd pay today for a similar entry level mirrorless camera, lenses and housing system. I'm selling it because I'm upgrading to a better camera. I will entertain any offer. Olympus E-PL5 body (about 6400 shutter count). Olympus 14-42mm lens (translates to 28-84mm full frame lens). This is the lens you'll use with the housing. Olympus 40-150mm lens (translates to 80-300mm full frame) Removable flash. Assorted filters (no filters to be used with the housing). 2 batteries (one OEM, one aftermarket). Battery charger and cable. Computer cable. Manuel. Camera case. Olympus PT-EP10 underwater housing dedicated for E-PL5. Zoom gear. Rear sun shade. OEM housing port. Zen Underwater dome port for macro. Extra O rings. Flash diffuser. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, send you pictures of the gear, and show you pictures taken with this rig. I might consider selling the housing alone, but not the camera alone. Mike 925-323-6833
  2. The Odyssey was excellent. Great divemasters, good food, and 4-5 dives per day if you're up for that. You just jump off the boat, and you're at the wreck. They are very flexible, and you dive when you want, with whom you want, and not if you want. I hope to go there again someday.
  3. I can also recommend Dive Aventuras. Had two amazing dives in the cenotes, as well as a bunch of dives in the ocean. Very good divemasters, especially for the cenotes.
  4. Hi! I'm Mike S from Walnut Creek, CA. Started diving in Monterey Bay, so I've done plenty of cold water diving, but lots of warm water diving too. I've been using an Olympus E-PL5 and one strobe with pretty good results, but I'm looking to upgrade to a Sony a6500. Any thoughts on that? It's good to be here!
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