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  1. Im in Australia, I also got frustrated waiting for Z330s to become available after selling my Z240s, I didn't realise at the time that there was a hold up in production of these strobes otherwise I wouldn't have sold them. I ended up buying mine from Hideki at UWdigitalcamera.com in Japan Cost was about ¥70000 and I had them within a few days of ordering and have had no problems with them, I use fibre optic cable. This was in July last year so maybe there is still a delay in manufacture ? Im just posting this in case you haven't tried getting them from Japan, I understand your frustration. Hidekis email nautile.tt@cyana.jp Hope this helps
  2. My Z330 strobes arrived today from Japan I just need to order the fibre optic cable connector to the strobe. Looking forward to giving them a work out on a Red Sea trip in September.
  3. Several years ago I bought some underwater photography gear from Yuzo Kanda who ran https://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/store/ in Japan, I’m sure many other Wetpixelers bought gear from him as well as well I understood that the business was shut down last year when Yuzo retired. Like a lot of other UW photographers I have been trying to source new Inon Z330 strobes from various suppliers in Hong Kong, Singapore, here in Oz and the US. The only place that I’ve found that has been able to supply these was the new owner of the uwdidigitalcamera business Hideki who took it over last year. Because these new strobes are so bloody hard to get a hold of some suppliers who have stock are price gouging to take advantage of the shortage I found Hideki’s pricing quite competitive, he has shipped two strobes to me that are due early next week.I will update once Ive got my hands on them.
  4. Has anyone been able to buy any of these Z330 strobes recently ?? I sold my Oly EM5 gear including the Z240 strobes when I upgraded to a EM1mk2, little did I realise there was a hold up in production/availability of the Z330s Im now considering buying a new set of Z240s
  5. Tim and Makar0n thanks for your replies I will just jump on the queue and buy a visa at the airport on arrival The websites selling visas that Ive looked at are charging around $90US for a visa !!! Im flying from Gatwick to Hurghada on Eazyjet Gary
  6. Im going on a Red Sea trip in September Im after some advice on getting a visa, Im flying into Hurghada from the UK Ive tried applying for a visa online at www.visa2egypt.gov.eg which is an extremely frustrating website to use, I would like to know if its less hassle to just queue up and get a visa on arrival. Thanks
  7. Hi I couldn't start a new topic so will say hello from here I live in Perth Western Australia Ive been diving for over twenty years, I only got into UW Photography about six years ago with the Olympus EM5 Ive just bought an Olympus EM1mk2 with Nauticam Housing and waiting on delivery of a pair of Z330 strobes. Most of my diving has been around Indonesia including Komodo Ambon Bali and Raja Ampat as well as local dive sites closer to home Im looking forward to doing my first trip to the Red Sea in September with Alex Mustard Gary
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