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  1. Hi Guys, My name's Phil and I'm a recently started videographer working in The Maldives in North Male Atoll. I use a Sony HDR-HC5 with an Ikelite housing, Epoque 67mm WA and Adobe Premier for all Post-Pro. All going well so far but in the last few weeks I've noticed that no matter what pre and post dive prep I go through (O-Ring maintenance, sorting my housing properly, cleaning, ensuring a bone-dry housing etc etc)......... After maybe 25 minutes on a dive I am getting a small patch of fog (condensation, I would presume?) on the inner lense of the housing - not good at all as I'm sure everone would agree. The thing is, I'm racking my brain, trying everything but no joy. If I don't secure all the footage I need within 25 mins - well, it's curtains for the dive. I'm pretty new to the position and am sure there's some "schoolboy error" I'm committing - can someone run through the things that are absolute neccessities in terms of kit prep and what are the no-no's too? I'm sure there's something I'm either not doing that I should, or the reverse! If you could give me some advice on cleaning and stowing, or just some tricks to stop this I'd be so pleased. Thanks, from a desperate rookie........!! Phil Horbury
  2. That's excellent - thanks for the advice. Ron, Much appreciated. Great to have some heads up! Phil
  3. Hello all, My name's Phil and I'm an MSDT with an aspiration to get into videography full time in the next two years. Just back from a four month stint in Borneo (Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai) and an wholeheartedly recommend the area to any current video buffs as the wealth of life both macro and huge is astounding........ So, to my questions: I'm in the midst of a whole bunch of research into the best HDV Camera and housing to purchase as a relative beginner to the video realm and so quality with ease of use is a factor, obviously. This has led me to the Sony HDR-HC7 and the Amphibico EVO Housing. Looks like top end consumer end stuff - am I on the right track? It's certainly not pro end but then to buy anything better at the moment is a false economy, right? Also, can anyone out there point me in the direction of some great literature with regards to technique, kit, lighting etc to gorge on as I develop things? As I'm thinking of starting out with instructing / holiday DVD production I'm thinking of great yet affordable and easy use kit to start with. There's a lot of very knowledgable heads out there so hit me with it guys and girls! "Take nothing but memories leave nothing but bubbles" Aristotle (PADI Course Director, Ancient Greece)
  4. Hello one and all, My name's Phil and I'm a thirty year old MSDT - I trained (IDC Wise) at Mermaids CDC in Thailand. If there's anyone out there disalusioned with life in the West (you know, rampant commercialism, blatant rudeness, life at twenty five thousand miles per hour) or perhaps I am just describing London it's a fantastic place to train. I went there as a UK trained MSD with 100 dives and would recommend this sort of experience before getting out there......you'll get much more out of it - and with a five month running time(three dives per day) I managed to clock up 400 or so in my time there. Lots of wrecks, great drifts etc etc. I left Thailand last July bound for Borneo (Semporna, to be exact) where I managed to secure work (and my MSDT) with daily work in Sipadan / Mabul / Kapalai. For any of you put there mulling over the next trip to secure world class viz / depth / whale sharks / reef sharks a plenty / schools of mean barracuda - it's just the ticket. The point of all this is that, whilst now back in drizzling London, I'm back to earn some decent wedge, and am teaching on the weekends too - I have a cunning plan to get into Videography and am doing a whole load of research at the moment on how to break into it........an eighteen month plan to get back out there (Red Sea, to begin with) as a videographer (holiday DVD's etc to start with) and an instructor. Any tips or advice from you all very knowledgable folks? Thinking about the HCR-HC7 with EVO Housing to start with.......am I on the right track?? And my name's Phil!!!!!! S@£t! Forgot to add that one!! Cheers...............
  5. Hi all, I'm rather new to Wetpixel (oh, let's say....48 hours?) but at first glance it seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Let me explain, if I may. I'm about to leave the sunny climes of Leytonstone (for those of you from London I can hear you all now......nice choice of area to live in, Phil) to begin a five month full time OWSI MSDT Internship in Pattaya, NE Thailand - Jan 07, to be exact. I have 50+ dives to my name - alot of which are UK coastal so I know what I'm letting myself in for - and cannot wait! Thing is, I plan to expand the instructing etc and eventually move into U/W Videography of sorts - whether it be making holiday DVD's initially for experience and then moving into producing stock footage for sale and / or joining an established outfit somewhere to further the career. I'm thinking of buying a Sony HDR-HC3 with Amphibico housing - High Def, cost effective and looks good. Two questions to you wise folk - is that choice of kit a good idea for someone who's never shot U/W at all? Secondly can anyone give me some advice as to how to get into this game once I'm in asia and qualified? Thanks, Phil
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