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  1. Hi everyone, I started with a sony rx100 mark iv last year with a fantasea housing and an i-torch BS-30 light to do some video work. Initially I was more into doing videos but after encountering some glorious nudis I'm dying to do more stills. Currently I'm contemplating about upgrading my existing rig with the following changes. 1) turning my video light into a focus light mount on the cold shoe on top of my housing, or use it for video work 2) accquire two inon Z330 strobes and attach them to my housing via fiber optic. 3) have two ultralight bouyancy arms attached coz I read that Stix floats create a lot of drag? Is that true? 4) get an inon UCL90 +11 diopter to capture some brilliant nudi. Is this a good option for a diopter? my budget is around USD$300. I think it might be a bit of an overkill but I'm also thinking about the longevity of the components in case if i want to upgrade to a more powerful camera/housing. What do you guys think about this upgrade? Any comments/advice would really help. Thanks in advance! JC
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