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  1. I have mounted the 15mm on the body and wiggled it. Its appears to be limited and one would have to be pretty rough to tilt the lens. Think that having a good fresh "O-ring" in place is key. The lens I have appears to be in great shape. Doe it make sense to have it serviced as a preventative maintenance? Bob told me they have to hack-saw the knobs of in order to open the lens. This operation is quite expensive $226 + $60 and I am wandering if this is really necessary. Or should I just go for it and spend the money if it floods...
  2. Grrrr, After many posts and emails where I have constantly stated that I wanted to FREEDIVE with a Nikonos V and its famous 15mm lens. I just got of the phone with Bob Warkentin from Southern Nikonos Service Center who told me that its not a good idea to do this. Unless I cradle the lens and body between my both hands in order to keep pressure on the lens in order to keep the seal in place until I pass 15 ft or so. Well this is not practical when not on scuba. So I have to give up on this idea. Bob recommended me to use the 20mm. Pfffff, wish I had known this from the start. Hopefully this advice will show up in Google for the next one who is planning to do the same...
  3. I lived and worked on Bonaire for 5 years. The last two years of witch I only worked part-time and dedicated every afternoon to UW photography with my Digital SLR. Unfortunately the camera passed away and I wasn't to fond of the Ikelite housing either. Now I live in California and don't have time / money to go on extensive dive trips in order to justify a new investment in a decent UW housing for my new digital SLR. I have always' wanted to shoot wide angle ambient light B&W to capture the scenery. And the Nikonos 15mm is a perfect lens for this task :-) Just a camera, lens and viewfinder with a bag full of Tri-X sounds soo much more appealing than a suitcase full of camera gear that I have to guard with my dear life while traveling ;-) Hey I might pick-up an spare Body just in case... its a nice standby with the 28mm ;-) Here is a link to see some of my Bonaire work: http://gallery.me.com/pa1zz#100099
  4. I just called Nikon and the rep told me that the program is over because he could not find it in his system. However he did not seem very knowledgeable. Its still on the Nikon website. But it doesn't tell anything weather the recall is still open or not. Who knows more details?
  5. Here is a link to pictures of some of the gear I recently acquired: http://gallery.me.com/pa1zz#100483
  6. Thanks for the quick reply's The lens is the newer style suitable for the Nikonos V. But the viewfinder is what I think the "old style with the long bracket that slides onto the hot-shoe and clamps on the bottom of the camera with a long post that sits across the viewfinder... Any opinion's about the Sea&Sea 15mm viewfinder? There is currently one available on Ebay. I have seen pictures of the Ikelite viewfinder witch has various masks for the different lenses. But I am questioning how well it will work... As for the light metering. Will the internal TTL do the job or is the hand held metering the better way to go? Since my plan is to mainly shoot ambient light there is no worry about the flash with regards to its settings.
  7. I have been very fortunate to obtain a complete Nikonos V set with a 15mm lens. The viewfinder that came with this set is a very big beautiful piece of glass that has to be "clamped" to the back of the camera. As such is a very solid construction but it covers the viewfinder. So its impossible to read the exposure. The set came with the Sekonic underwater light-meter, so I am able to measure the light manually. My problem is that everything is very bulky. Since I want to use Nikonos V with 15mm to take ambient light B&W images of the reef while free-diving having a slime lined set-up is important. I wander what other "Hot-Shoe" mounted viewfinders might be a good alternative. Please keep in mind that I don't have a lot of time to peek though a small viewfinder. Witch is also my concern regarding measuring the light. Using the internal TTL meter or good old fashioned manual light-metering?
  8. Since digital photography the "value" of the image has come down :-( Indeed showing and selling prints is the best alternative.
  10. Thanks for the reply's But without having the two different ones next to each other to compare the barrel length I still don't know how to see it on a picture. Is there a difference in name or serial number or some other characteristic that helps me to the differentiate these lenses?
  11. How can I tell the difference between the first and later model 15mm UW Nikkor lens? The first version had a longer barrel that blocked the light sensor in the Nikonos IV & V camera's. When searching on Ebay how can I tell the difference?
  12. Ah sorry Eric, I was just honored that you mentioned me :-) I just read your post again, and realized that mis read your post java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_9')
  13. Thanks for upping one of my images Eric :-) Here are some more views for my friends at lac Cai..
  14. Recently the AF sensor of my Canon 10d has stopped working. Fix could be easy like a bad connector or a expensive ($350) replacement of a module by Canon. Still the camera takes great images but you have to fucus manually... Great bargain for those with the tools and skills to fix or the one who would like something to experiment with like IR photography. The Sigma lens is in a good shape. Selling it because I only using "L" lenses now. Please check my Ebay Auction: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZccorwin63QQhtZ-1
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