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  1. Tim, Are you saying that I did have a small flood (leak) which resulted in the exploded battery?
  2. Just before the third dive of the first day of an 15 day liveaboard, the dive guide noticed the O-ring on my Inon Z220 was broken and the ends were protruding from under the cap. After opening the battery compartment, the inside was damp with brown battery goo, but not dripping wet. At first I thought it was the result of a flood, but after cleaning the compartment, rinsing with a bit of fresh water, and drying the strobe continued to function. I finally reached the conclusion that one the brand new Energizer 2450 mAH batteries exploded sometimes between the second and third dive. Inspection of the batteries showed that the positive terminal of one of them was indeed loosely attached. Fortunately the strobe continued to function for the rest of the trip. Has anyone else experience this type of failure? How corrosive are the residues form the exploded battery? I cannot clean out every last bit of it.
  3. ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!! Must enter in competitions...
  4. Thx Thats exactly what I was hoping for, Chinese celebs endorsing the cause... BTW I told her that you guys said she was cool and super cool, and matched her donation for her b-day.
  5. My 11 year old niece wants to donate her birthday loot to a shark conservation organization after watching Sharkwaters. Does anyone know of an reputable org which focuses on education in China and other fin consumption countries? Thx
  6. Sorry, forgot to share after publishing... plz try again
  7. Recount of a trip to Eastern Fields, and into Australian economic zone waters aboard the Golden Dawn last winter. Took a bit long to get it published, salt mine duties intervened, and also needed to let the memories ferment for a bit to develop the necessary flavors. Interested to compare notes with others who have visited Ashmore & Boot. Cheers! http://sites.google.com/site/furtherafield/
  8. A beautiful compilation of still and video, really well done! Thank you! The sequence of mating leopard sharks is breath taking. Downloading the mystery plugin was a bit unsettling but the reward was worth it. Thanks again, and the best of 2008!
  9. I have been experimenting with using the Image>adjustment>match color>neutralize function in PS2 to reduce background hue, and would be interested in comments on the efficacy of this technique. I appears to me that this function produces similar results as Magic Filters, and results in images which are more like how the mind's eye see things underwater... Attached are 2 examples of as shot and after background neutralization with PS2. The shark was shot in blue water, the wreck in green-blue water. Comments on the effect?
  10. In the 10 months I have been an Aquatica customer, their service has been right up to snuff. Sometimes info@aquatica.ca takes up to a week, but it always gets answered. They even offered provided partial rectification on purchases to a dealer who appears to have gone out of business, although it was in no way Aquatica's responsibility.
  11. I just got an email from his son Casey Smith that Larry passed away last night in a Sorong hospital. According to Casey, he had been fighting an infection, and had to be med-evaced from the Fak Fak to Sorong. He will be missed greatly. yy
  12. 1) Don't waste all your air on the am dive off the north point chasing hammerheads at 45m. They are shy around LL, although we did see a giant hammerhead, briefly. The reef around north point provides ample opportunity for sizable tunas, jacks, humphead parrots, Napoleons, etc. 2) The bommies around south point has lots of macro critters as well as diver friendly reef fish. 3) Be sure to have all sorts of signaling devices. They let you wander off, but the seas are big and can be rough with stiff currents. 4) If Mr Mos, the resort custodian is still there, please send my regards. He was the most friendly character I met there. 5) Take an evening constitutional down the runway, where else can you do that?! 6) Doesn't sound like your itinerary allows for a Saturday or Sunday in Kota Kinabalu, but the Shangri-la Resort in KK has an awesome weekend buffet featuring a variety of street hawker fares in a clean and comfortable environment. 7) Enjoy!
  13. Question about sacrificial anodes: My new Aquatica housing has anodes on both front and back halves. After a 10 day trip, he back anode is noticeably corroded, however the front anode looks new, but the lock-ring on the strobe cable was galled to the threaded cable terminator, in corrosive manner. The other strobe cable was fine. Any clues to what was happening?
  14. Most dive shops sell a tire inflation valve which can be attached to the quick disconnect on your BC inflator hose. http://www.leisurepro.com/Prod/CategoryID_...QUTI.html?Hit=1
  15. Interesting correlation Justin. I was in Fakfak Nov28 thru Dec9. I remember a couple of reports from '98, during the last big el nino event that normally crystal clear Kimbe bay in PNG turned green, and had an influx of all sorts of jelly creatures. There was a lot of jelly stuff in Fakfak waters too...
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