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  1. Hi Tom, Sorry to jump on this thread if that is not Wetpixel etiquette but I wanted to tell you that the same lens can be used with your Canon 20D. It has become our most popular lens. Best wishes Sam DiverVision
  2. Hello all, My name is Sam and I am representing Divervision. The content of this thread has been brought to my attention and we would like to make the following remarks. It is not our policy to become involved in petty disputes on the public stage, but since we are working hard to establish a good reputation in the English speaking market I feel it is appropriate to reply to comments made in the previous posting. First, our thanks go to Alex (Alsky72) who insisted that a testing report would be something that would be of interest and benefit to UW photographers in the forums that he visits. The TTL connector we have produced is indeed a Heinrichs Weikamp Oly TTLC Converter which we have converted. As it is a customized conversion it has been agreed that we sell it under our own brand name. Matthias Heinrichs is well aware of this and in recent communications has expressed his appreciation that the Heinrichs Weikamp converters are being used in more and more products. We at DiverVision are all keen divers and UW photographers and our main interest is in assisting other likeminded people to improve their UW photography experience with affordable products. We have developed this product as a convenient solution for UW Photographers to benefit from TTL without having to change the bulkhead in their housing. As I mentioned earlier, we are working hard to build a reputation for excellence which is why we do not appreciate others who think that berating their ‘competitors’ is an effective marketing technique for their own products. For those of you interested Alex has kindly posted a second part to our TTL test report which shows performance at different distances from the subject and at using the camera’s Flash Exposure Compensation Control. (http://www.digitaldiver.net/yabbse/index.php?board=3;action=display;threadid=20482) The results are evident as can be attested by the numerous UW photographers now using this TTL solution. You are all most welcome to contact us if you want more information. Thank You, Sam Divervision International Inc.
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