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  1. @Lewis88 is correct! Glad you could learn something new today, @TimG
  2. I realized I have somehow ended up with three of Ikelite's Dry Lock (DL) 8 inch dome ports... so I need to sell one! Photos of dome port can be seen here: Dome - Google Drive Like any dome that has been out and about, this has a fair number of scratches and scuffs on it, though nothing that couldn't be polished out (I started the polishing process and just couldn't get into it). I've noticed nothing that significantly affected the image quality in my photographs, but YMMV. Originally purchased in either 2017 or 2018. Sells new for $450, so my price is $225 plus shipping. Shipping to only the continental U.S.
  3. If it's been upgraded to the 5D Mark IV, can it still work with the 5D Mark III? Or would it need to be modified again?
  4. Amazing photos! I had to cancel this month's trip to Australia due to Covid-19. Hopefully next year...!
  5. I was signed up for a GBR liveaboard which cancelled due to Covid-19. I am rescheduled for next year with single occupancy, with no additional charge due to them being the ones who cancelled in the first place. But it looks like others would have to pay a 70% single supplement (oof).
  6. Have you looked into Big Fish Expeditions? http://bigfishexpeditions.com/ I've been on two BFE trips now (basking sharks in Scotland and whale sharks off of Mujeres) and loved it. For the whale sharks trip, the crew would keep an eye on the sharks and whistle at me in the water, so I was easily able to position myself to get the shots I wanted. The boat was one of the first to arrive at the sharks in the morning, and was the last to leave. The middle of the day gets crowded with other boats, but in the morning and afternoon I had solo encounters with multiple sharks!
  7. Hey! I live in New Hampshire (US). Been scuba diving for 8 years (PADI DM) and shooting underwater for 14. For a long time it was just with a point and shoot, but since 2014 Ive been shooting with Canon DSLRs and it has been lovely.
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