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  1. just Wow ... i am speachless what an great experience for your kids!
  2. looking your development the last 2 years really inspired me! I love the way u bring your own ideas into uw photography .... and ... i mean it works ;-) Keep up trying new things!
  3. Yeah ... big hug to all Mums out there .... love & respect ... and btw great pictures of the Manatee mums!!
  4. Great collection ... and that from 3 days!!! Again, was pleasure to meet u personal ;-)
  5. Thanks Mark! Was also Fun diving with u :-) Hope to see ya in the Similans next year!!!
  6. on my flickr. account i have some more to share from PNG, Milne Bay ... PNG Trip Spirit of New Guini - Milne Bay 04/2009 Hope u enjoy!
  7. a lifetime experience ... and a great shot for your memories. Thanks for sharing it Carlos :-)
  8. Hello Wetpixler! Coming back from the PNG Trip i won in at Epson Red Sea & Anilao where i was able to dive with Roger Steene, Gerry Allen & all the scientists and Jeff and want to share some shots from Papua ... Papua is a great mix of Wall-Diving at the Pinnacles outside, next to nice Reef Dives at the shore and 5 Star Muck Sides ... it s truely an underwater photographers heaven. If u want to see the "Big Stuff" you should go in October/November ... Whalesharks, Mantas & even humphacks were seen there ... unfortunetly not for me .. but it was a geourgeus trip anyway and a life-time experience!! 5 to 12 ... my personal shot of the trip
  9. Hey guys, just came back from Israel from the Eilat Shootout where i won the Newcomer Category with my portfolio and one of my shots will aslo be on the Cover of the upcoming Competitionbook wit all nominees & Winners and their shots. It was great experience for me You can find now all images, nominees & winners and a report of the competition with the following link http://www.digideep.com/english/info/html/...ion-webcast/P5/ enjoy them beautiful pictures greetz from Bangkok Patrick
  10. Yes Jeff they do look over saturated to me too on the LCD...
  11. Hey Ed, Super Macro-Stuff. I love the pipefish super macro. Keep them coming!
  12. Jim, my friend, i cross fingers for you that everything will be ok with your back! I still want to dive with you some day!!!
  13. Very nice Images, and i believe the diving is great, but i am same than Jim, way too cold for me!!!
  14. Hey Matthew, I dived Burma/Myamar first time last season and i was totally flashed by the healthiness and the populations of the places. In general Burma has still problems with dynamit fishing, but the places the divers go are protected by the Goverment. The Dive-spots are HUGE, the visability is a bit less than the similan Islands i would say the four trips i did in average 10-15 meters. But we also had places with 5 m vis. and also places with 40 m, so its also a bit of luck. Its a bit more advanced diving in comparism with Similan, sometimes strong currents and the Spots are a bit deeper also. If you go on a Liveaboard trip to Burma you will do for sure some discovery diving as the potential of the region and the number of dive-spots is AMAZING. We (unfortunatly not I) had Mantas & Whalesharks also there. If you ask for a operator i would recommend the boat i work on. If you need further info contact me by PM. Cheers Patrick
  15. Hey Serge, it s not i didn t like it, but my camera has problem to focus if i use the 2x converter. Hey Brian, thank you! Yesterday i arrived back to Germany. I will stay in Germany for maybe 2-3 months. In November i am going to meet up my brother Yonatan in Eilat, Israel and participate at the SanDisk RedSea Shoutout. After that we are going to work another Season in Thailand to dive Similan Islands, Westcoast and of course Myamar/Burma... That the plan so far...
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