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  1. Hi, I'm currently using a compact canon sx210 w/Ikelite housing and a single YS-D1 strobe for my uw photography. I have decided to buy a Nauticam housing for my Oly em10 mark iii, which has these lenses: Oly 25mm Oly 60mm Oly 14-42 II R Oly 40-150 My original plan was to buy the Oly 9-18mm with its port as WA and later (after saving some more money) buying the port for the 60mm. A friend suggested me to purchase the WWL-1 and use it with my 14-42 lens. I also saw in the forums some recommendation about the Panasonic 7-14. I'll be happy to hear your recommendation/thoughts about these options. Thanks, Nadav
  2. Hi I'm Nadav, diving since 2003 and practicing underwater photography with my compact camera for the last five years
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