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  1. For the sake of sharing information, I'll point out that the open water certification from bluextseadiving REQUIRES you to use the PADI online class for an additional fee. For me this is a negative since I'll have the time to do a few hours of coursework in order to save $150.
  2. Thank you both for your recommendations, I appreciate it. I am looking at those providers and considering them. If anyone can continue to provide me recommendations, I will be staying in a hostel in town, so I'd like to find a place that is either within walking distance, or that provides transportation to their launch site. Tres Pelicanos does look to be within walking distance. Two places I have seen that are "dive hostels" are 2tanks dive hostel, and beds friends hostel. They both have their own diving operations. 2 tanks has not responded to my emails so I don't think I'll go with them. The other one has the diving op "Cozudive". It has good reviews if relatively few of them on tripadvisor. Has anyone used these places? Hopefully my research can help anyone else with the same questions. I'll certainly post who I go with and my experiences.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for an open water diving certification course in Cozumel for a complete beginner. There are just so many diving operations in Cozumel, I have looked at about 30 so far and I need a bit of help selecting the right one. I'm interested in 2tanks dive hostel, anyone have experience with these folks? Mestizo divers also caught my eye. Any other diving operations you can recommend?
  4. Hi! I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Totally new diver here but I'm excited to get some neat underwater photos!
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