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    Canon s80
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    Canon WP-DC1
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    Ikelite DS-51
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    Tray, Ball and Socket Arm, EV Controller
  1. I sent an email to Ikelite to let them know of my dissatisfaction with the way the call went and Ike replied with kind apology for the "the aggravation and response for a product that did not operate as intended". His reply came only a few hours after I sent my note. This is more of what I had expected from Ikelite! This sure helps restores my faith in the company. Even nicer, he is sending me a PCm lite for contacting him.
  2. I was recently given a wonderful gift of an Ikelite DS-51 with tray, ball and socket arm with the manual controller. My friend had researched the product and found that it was compatable with my Canon case. When we tried to install the "Anti-Rotation Kit" that came with the tray, we found that neither of the two bars that came with the kit would fit under the WP-DC1. I called Ikelite to see if there was another piece that would work for my case and was really suprised by their responses. They told me that these were the only 2 pieces they provided and that I should talk to my reseller (what good would that do? - the reseller isn't going to make a piece. I guess they meant that I should return the products for a refund). Then they told me to send them my tray and my case and they would see what my problem was (I'm not about to let me case out of my hands, besides, I'm going to La Paz in a week - the point of the strobe in the first place). In the end, the conversation with them was very frustrating. So I got out my Mototool and trimmed down one of the pieces they sent me and after about 15 minutes was able to create a bar that works to stabilize the camera on the tray. Does anyone else have this combination? What did they do to stabilize the camera? Has anyone else had a similar experience with Ikelite?
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