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  1. Hello Richard, I purchased the conversion from Aquatica. It was about $750 when I purchased it a few years ago. The kits consists of a new camera plate, and two small gears that were very easily replaced with the supplied Allen wrench. Total conversion took about 15 min. Send an email to Carolina at carolina@aquatica.ca or info@aquatica.ca. She is great to work with and very responsive. She will be able to answer all of your questions regarding the kits availability and pricing. You may also wish to work through Backscatter. www.backscatter.com. They will be able to help you as well. Great group of folks who can advise you on all manner of gear related issues and questions. I hope that helps. Best of luck with the conversion. Bill
  2. Hello MK2. Yes, the housing is still for sale
  3. Confirmed: I do have the kit to revert the housing back for Mark III use. Very easy to do! Kinda two housings in one...
  4. Hello All! I've been in and around the wetpixel community for many years, but have not been very active here for some time. Looks like some things have changed since I was last frequent here... So, in order to become current again, and to introduce myself as part of that process, I have lived a great many places in my lifetime, but I seem to have settled, at least for the time being, in the land-locked Bluegrass State, in the mid-west, USA. I have been a PADI instructor for 35 years and have enjoyed photography, both above and underwater for longer than that. The wetpixel community was tremendously helpful and educational to me when I switched from film to digital about 20 years ago. Currently, I am especially enjoying the new wetpixel live series. As we are all locked down and waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to release us from its life altering antics, its nice to have a place like wetpixel to stay connected to underwater photography... I look forward to being a part of the wetpixel community, and watching it continue to grow, over the next 20 years! Cheers!
  5. Although the 5D Mark III and IV are nearly identical, the housing would need to be modified back. The tray that holds the camera in the housing is different, and there are two control connections that have to be swapped out. Its essentially unscrewing two allen type screws, exchanging with the old parts, and screwing back in. Can easily be done in less than 15 minutes. Or, if you're uncomfortable doing the conversion yourself, and close to any underwater housing repair shop, they can very easily do it for you. I am almost positive that I have the old parts and the allen wrench that was provided with the conversion kit, but will need to look for it when I get home to be certain. (On my lunch break at work now). Thanks for your interest. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  6. Aquatica 5DIII housing, upgraded to accept the Canon 5DIV, for sale. Housing only. In excellent condition, never flooded, meticulously maintained. Dual Nikonos style sync connection. Asking $1500.00
  7. Well...it seems "relatively soon" is indeed "relative". I followed up with Backscatter about the availability of an upgrade kit and found out that Aquatica still doesn't have the kit available, and there was no estimate on when it would be...UGH!
  8. For those interested in the upgrade kit from Aquatica to upgrade a Mark III housing to accommodate a Mark IV, I have received the following information: The housing upgrade kit is in its final stage of testing. If testing goes well, it should be available "next week", but certainly soon if next weeks estimated availability slips a bit. Pricing is going to be about $800 US. I don't know yet if the upgrade is something the user can easily do, or if it will be better to allow a service center like Backscatter perform the upgrade. I'll post more as that information becomes available. Thanks to Rob at Backscatter, and Carolina at Aquatica, for helping me obtain the information gathered so far. The great news to all of us waiting is that we should have something relatively soon! :-)
  9. Hi Guys, The good news is that I'm leaving for the Bahamas for a week of diving and UW photography very soon. The bad news is that I won't have the correct combination of camera/lens/port extension/dome for my trip. I have a 5dIII and 16-35 F4L housed in an Aquatica housing with the 8 inch acrylic dome port. The correct port extension isn't yet available. I should mention that there is a manual focus port extension that is available but I don't imagine ever using the manual focus capability and am hesitant to purchase that extension for that reason. I do have the port extension for the 17-40 F4L that I previously shot with. I will use that ICW a +2 diopter on my 16-35 f4 in hopes of getting descent results but have no idea how this will really work. Has anyone else tried this combination that can tell me if it works and what my results are likely to be? Thanks
  10. Dave, Perhaps we crossed paths. I was also just there, and interestingly enough Elaine, it was my first time back since I worked there in 84/85. Small world. At any rate, here's a shot that I took in either Eden's Rock or Devil's Grotto and then another out on the reef. http://www.wespicsphotography.com/p962194527/h646c61f4#h646c61f4 http://www.wespicsphotography.com/p962194527/h669B1B45#h669b1b45
  11. I was concerned that Eric may might have me disbanned for still using a 10d...
  12. It seems like it's been an age ago since I posted anything here. Here are two from my most recent dive tirp to Catalina. http://wespics.zenfolio.com/p962194527/?ph...43539#825505081 http://wespics.zenfolio.com/p962194527/?ph...43539#695411162
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