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  1. Here is a link to some of my favorite shots from my recent Bahamas trip. I had never been there before. Lots of fun and nice to get away from diving in the Great Lakes for a while. Comments and critiques always appreciated, otherwise hope you enjoy lookng Deepdiscovery
  2. Stu, When you say "my trusty 10D can still deliver the goods...though not as easily done in comparison to the 5D." what do you mean? How is it more difficult? I still shoot with the 10D and am always seeking to better my U/W photography. I am off to the Bahamas in a couple of weeks and want to work on "sun burst with shark" shots while there. Any insight as to how I can increase my chances of success? By the way, its great to see the awesome results your get with the 10D. One of the things I constantly struggle with these days is feeling like my 2 year old camera is obsolete and that I need to update...
  3. Both are very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I have been having a "discussion with myself", don't laugh too hard" and thought I would invite others to join in hoping there are others caught in this quandry that may want to share their thoughts as well. I've been in the "I need a newer camera" struggle for a while now... gotta love "equipment lust". Some of the newer features on the latest updated cameras would be "nice to have" but at what cost and real-world gain. I would love to have the wide angle capability of, for me, the EF-S mount (10-22) or with full frame, as well as the latest noise and speed technology. I'm thinking about the new 30d or the 5d but I'm guessing D100 owners are thinking about the D200/D2X as well. Based on others' experience, what is the real advantage of having 12 vs 8 megapixels assuming I would rarely print larger than 13x19. Do many of you that have double digit resolution really print larger all that often? For those that have gone the full frame route, was it for resolution or WA or to avoid going the "digital lens only " route or something else? Once a decsion has been made to upgrade, how did you not "take a bath" on your existing housing? How well would a housing for a "2 year old, antiquated, ROLFL...no crying " camera sell? OK, that's probably enough rambling...I think you get the idea. Ha anyone else been tormented by all this? The issue...not the post
  5. Thanks for your comment. It is certainly more of a challenge than the warm water destinations that I have been to.
  6. Click on the link below and let me know what you think. These were taken in and around the Georgian Bay near Tobermory, Canada. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. http://deepdiscovery.com/Bill/Tobermory/HTML/index.htm
  7. I have a 10d and subal C10 housing... Was wondering if a 20d will fit inside the C10 housing and if, with some adjustment, the housing can be made to work with the 20d. I hope that I don't need to find out any time soon, but wondering about the life span of my housing given that a new 10d may be hard to come by fairly soon should I need a replacement. what do you guys think?
  8. Thanks for the responses. I noticed that Canon has two new extension tubes, 12mm and a 25mm. Anybody know anything about using these? What effect would they have on my 50mm macro in terms of working distance? Are they better than the dedicated life size converter? They are certainly less expensive and since there is no glass I'm assuming no degradation of picture quality? Or would I be better off just buying the 100mm macro?
  9. I have found a non USM 100mm macro lens that I am considering buying but wanted to hear opinions on this lens before making my final decision. How much slower is the focusing vs. the USM? Does this lens have full time manual focusing as many other Canon lenses? Any other thoughts? Thx for your help.
  10. I think this has been covered before and did some searching to try to find an old thread but had no luck. I am interested in the additional coverage provided by a 15mm FE on a Canon 10D vs the 17-40. If someone is aware of a thread they can refer me to or provide some examples, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.
  11. Mantashrimpman, I enjoy my 10D very much. It is a great camera for both underwater and land photography. I have enlarged and printed several pictures. I have been extremely pleased with the results and have some of them displayed in my home. See examples at: http://www.deepdiscovery.com/Page3.html There are a number of reviews about this camera online. One of the better ones is here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Cano...anon_eos10d.asp The camera is rumored to be replaced by a newer model soon (isn't everything digital) so if you are not in a hurry you may want to see what's coming out next. My guess is that something will be announced this fall and will be on the streets a few months later, however that means a housing is likely to not be available for quite some time after that. All of this adds up to a long time before you will be taking pictures...especially underwater. Only you can decide if it's worth waiting.
  12. Hi guys, I am currently using the canon 50mm macro for close-up work. I have found, in some cases, that I am not able to get close enough to fill the frame with my subject... The 50mm will only achieve 1:1 reproduction ratios with canon's life size converter EF. My question is am I OK buying the converter (about $250) or should I buy the 100mm macro (about $450). I think in either case I can use the macro port and extension ring I have now to accomodate the added length of the lens. Any opinions/experience appreciated. Thanks,
  13. Here are a few pics from this past weeks efforts... All were shot around Oahu. Comments/critique always appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I have downloaded PSG2.0 and have tried using some of the improved functionality...zoom, pan, rotate, text effects, transitions, etc. I would appreciate opinions on the show that I put together. Wondering if you think it appears too gimicky or if the "effects" add to the show. You can down load the exe version from my web link below. Go to "photography by William E. Spadie" and then click on the "gallery set to music" photo. Click "open". If you prefer not to down load an exe file you can go to the link below to watch it from the photodex site...although not viewed full screen from this link. http://www.photodex.com/sharing/viewalbum....m.html?bm=31368
  15. I also purchased the Subal. Like others, I had talked to several people before deciding and ultimately purchased the Subal for its tremendous reputation, customer satisfaction and superior fit and finish. I decided against the Sea and Sea and Jonah for exactly the same reasons. I have heard the the Jonah is much improved now and that the manufacturer has worked through the initial problems. My buddy, Scubajack, however just bought a Jonah for his 10d and had to send it back to the distributer because some of the buttons didn't line up/function. He'll be out here in Hawaii in a couple of weeks to dive with it and we should be able to tell you more then. I shoot with both the canon 17-40 and 50mm macro. You can view pictures that I have taken using these at my web link below. Both work exceptionally well for me but the 17-40 is only the 35mm equivalent of 28mm on the 10d, so you may want something wider. The canon 15mm FE currently seems to be one of the better options but I'm waiting to see if canon comes out with a 12-something zoom. Scubastu also uses the Subal housing so you may want to seek an opinion from him as well. For me the Subal was worth the extra money to avoid the frustration I was hearing about with other housings. I have not been disappointed. If money is not much of an issue, you may want to wait for the Seacam housing for the Mark II. The camera is awesome and I have heard the same about seacam housings...but definitely out of my price range.
  16. Thanks for the comment. These were taken at airport reef towards the east end of the runway and just offshore in about 20-30 feet of water. Are you familiar with the area?
  17. Pictures were taken off the south side of Oahu. Comments/critique always welcomed.
  18. I am trying to get my arms around an efficient, top quality producing workflow. Currently, I convert from raw with BB, then post process in PS. I either print from PS or go back to BB to generate HTML pages for the web. First Question. Ref. raw conversion...what produces a better image IYO? I currently own and convert in BB. If I were going to invest in an upgrade would you recommend CS or C1LE? Why? Second question. What general work flow steps (not concerned with cropping, cloning, healing etc. as those are obvious) do you use in any of these programs to get the best results? For example I have read about someone's workflow for land based photography that says they convert, adjust levels or curves, add a plus one hue adjustment, a plus two saturation adjustment, sharpen, resize as needed, re-sharpen then convert to TIF, JPG etc. depending on intended output. What general workflow have you found to work well for underwater photography? Thanks for your help.
  19. James, I coverted from raw using breeze browser. WB set to "flash". I then attempted to edit per your channel mixing article. I edit in PSE2 so I don't have the channel mixer option...exactly. I do have the hidden power of elements and tried to do the channel mixing per those instructions (much less intuitive interface) but couldn't figure it out. What I was able to do is use the color variations tool in PSE2 to make the following changes. Do these represent what you thought I could do with channel mixing? I really don't want to spend the money on CS but maybe I should re-think it??? Thanks for your help.
  20. Tom, You nailed it. I like the shots because they represent an inspiring moment to me. But I also know that from a completely objective point of view...they are lacking, hence my post here. These guys are a blast to dive with and to be so close to but I didn't capture it well on "film". I'm sure I'll keep them but will pull them off my sight. Thanks for helping me think through this Tom...you were dead-on.
  21. I have divided my gallery into underwater and above water scenes and set the entire gallery to music. Click on the picture that describes the gallery you wish to view. Warning: "Gallery set to music" is a large file (7.75MB). Sound card required. http://www.deepdiscovery.com/Page3.html Please let me know what you think.
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