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  1. I don't know for sure but I suspect she is cleaning the reef. The diver in the picture is one of the DMs from Ed Robinson's on Maui. The coral head immediately in front of her is a coral head that she has "adopted" She cleans the coral by picking little bits of sediment off...much like a gardener cares for their plants.
  2. Another picture from this past weekend. Opinions/Comments welcomed.
  3. Comments/Critique welcomed.
  4. Hi Scott, Very nice picture. Clown fish with anenomes are among my favorites. I really like the way you contorolled the lighting in this image. Very dramatic. Since you are obviously able to digitize your images, I would recommend that you crop the the left side a bit and spend some time with the clone stamp tool to clean things up. Below is my rendition of your photo with those changes. I like frames and borders as it helps me visualize the image as it might be displayed so I have taken that liberty as well. You may however prefer just the image as many don't like the borders and frames. It is your image and certainly your call. All the above is only one man's opinion.
  5. Hi Eric, Thanks for your comments. They are certainly appreciated. I kinda like the background borders but I agree the yellow border may be a bit much. I may try to tone it down a little. I do like the maroon in the second picture though. You are a tremendous inspiration. I enjoy your web page (echeng.com) and wetpixel very much. Thank you for all you do.
  6. I took these yesterday while diving the Sea Tiger off the south side of Oahu. Both shot at 17mm with Canon 17-40 lens, 1/90 @ f8, YS90 @ full Comments wanted...
  7. Thanks for posting my pictures here Scuba Kiwi. That is what I was trying to do in the first place. Please let me know how you did it so I can do it myself next time. The pictures were shot off the south side of Oahu. LT Holden was returning from a training mission in 1945 and ran out of fuel. The plane sits at 105' about a mile off-shore. Rumor is that LT Holden still lives on the island somewhere but I haven't been able to locate him.
  8. Ok...can't figure out how to insert here...instruction welcome. If you want to see the pictures I am trying to post...please visit www.deepdiscovery.com and then go to "Bill's photo Gallery". Corsair pics are at the bottom of the page. Both were exposed in manual mode, 1/60 at F8. Strobe set to full. Lens (17-40) at 17mm. Workflow. (PSE2) 1. Levels adjustment 2. Adjust hue to +1, saturation to +5 3. Crop if necessary 4. Sharpen using Fred Miranda's "Canon 10D CSPro" action 5. Resize and save for the web. Any suggested improvements on the above would also be appreciated. Trying to learn...say what you think! Thanks,
  9. Concerning flood insurance for our u/w photo gear...how much do you recommend I insure for? The full amount...for everything? But hang on a minute...my question may not be that simple. Clearly if the camera is exposed to water it is probably a total loss but what about the housing. Only the electronics would need to be replaced and that should be far less expensive that the complete replacement cost of the housing. What about lenses? If they are flooded can they be taken apart, dried, lubed, and re-assembled? Ports would seem to need no repair at all; and what about strobes? How much do you all ensure for? About how much are you paying for coverage? I am leaning towards the DAN H2O policy as it settles claims with cash rather than replaced equipment. Any body think I am making a wrong decision here? Thanks,
  10. Stu, I see little to no hint of FE effect. Is this image de-fished or is this how it appears straight out of the camera given the 1.6 FOV factor?
  11. I recently purchased a housing and flash system for my Canon 10d. I am now in the market for a box to put it all in. I am considering the pelican boxes 1550 and 1600 with padded dividers and photo lid accessory. Can all of you that haul your systems around help me with what seems to work best and what doesn't. I am looking for something that obviously holds everything I have now (and will eventually hold a second strobe) but that doesn't take up more room than necessary. (What is the smallest box I can get away with) Does anyone know what the airline max size restrictions are for carry on in regard to pelican case model numbers? Do those of you who fly with your gear check it or carry it on board with you? If you check it...any problems now that we can't lock anything going into checked baggage? Thanks for all your help.
  12. Proud owner of a new Subal C10 housing, SWB port, macro port (75B) and YS 90 strobe w/ ULCS strobe arms. Can't wait to try it all out.
  13. Hi Marty I purchased the FP-SWB port for my 17-40 and the FP-75B for my 50mm Macro. The 17-40/SWB requires a 33mm extension ring, +2 diopter and a 4CZ63 zoom gear. The FP-75B flat port is also used for the 100mm macro or 50mm with life size converter but with an appropriate extension ring. I'm not sure what extension ring is required as I don't own either the 100mm Macro or the life size converter so I did not ask about it. Another, but more expensive, option for WA is the FE2 dome port (8 inches vs. 6 for the SWB). The FE2 requires a 50mm ext. ring w/ the 17-40. The FE2 is supposed to be optically superior to the SWB however, when I asked if two pictures were hanging on the wall, one taken with the SWB and the other with the FE2 and all other things remain constant, could you tell a difference? the answer was "probably not". The SWB is $600.00 less expensive and smaller (therefore easier to pack) and was the Subal standard for lenses up to 14mm (on full frame 35mm film SLRs) before the FE2 came out. It will work just fine for the 15mmFE. For me the cost savings and smaller size of the SWB outways the supposed difference in optical quality and when I do buy a 15mmFE, or whatever Canan may come out with for DSLR WA, the SWB will work just fine up to the 35mm equivilant of 15mm. See Stu's pictures above for examples of this as he used the SWB with his borrowed 15mm. Other tidbits of info that I found out...clearly people think the Subal is the best housing for the 10d (at least for now). The Jonah may be a great housing for a great price someday...but Jonah is a fledgling company that is still working through a number of issues. As far as the Sea and Sea housing is concerned...no one really knows as none/few have been sold. However, if the 10d housing follows in the wake of other Sea and Sea DSLR housings...people, that I talked to, were less than impressed. Ultimately, for me the disconcern about the Jonah and SS housings wasn't worth the $1000 savings. This is my first venture into a housed SLR, and digital for that matter. I have used film SLRs for years for land photography but never u/w. I don't wan't the experience to be hindered by "faulty equipment". Having said that, I have heard and read about people who were less than pleased with Subal as well. Nowhere near however to the extent that I heard about Jonah and SS. All of what I have learned has been by reading threads on this forum and talking to various dealers. It does not reflect any personal experience and certainly it is not a slam on any particular manufacturer or equipment as it seems none is perfect. It is simply my opinion given the information I was able to glean before making my purchase. Hope that helps. I will describe my experiences more once my housing arrives. It seems Stu is the only other person on this forum that is using the Subal C10. I'm hoping he will also share his newly gained expertise with us as well.
  14. Good-bye MX10...just placed my order for the Subal C10 housing. It will ship Monday. In addition I ordered a flat and dome port for my current set of lenses, and a DX90 strobe with UCLS arms. Thanks to David at Backscatter for all his assistance. I had considered the Jonah housing for sometime but have simply heard too many worrisome things to consider it any longer. Can't wait to join in all the fun...will be posting my pictures (God help you all )here soon. One question...the widest lens I currently have is the 17-40 zoom (27mm w/ FOV). How much wider would the Canon 15FE be in comparison? Would I have to "de-fish" the image? If possible, can someone post an image from each for a side by side comparison? Thanks to everyone who has helped answer my questions on this forum. You all have been a tremendous help.
  15. Hi guys, Need some advice/help. Have purchased the Subal housing for my canon 10d and now looking at strobes. Which is better? Is there a big difference between them. Pros and Cons of each? Thanks for your help.
  16. I haven't purchased/used or for that matter even seen one but have been doing a lot of research as I thought this was the housing I wanted...now I'm not sure. The highlights of what I have found are below. The good: EXTREMELY pleased overall with the housing. Would buy again if had to do it all over again. The Bad: From Fred Dion at UWPhototech...the Jonah housing has to be fiddled with quite a bit to get everything to line up...from David Marsh at UWPhototech...reconsidering if they will carry the Jonah housing...from others...buttons don't line up, ports seem loose, glass/lexan scratched, leak. S6 bulkhead wiring faulty. The Ugly: Finish is rough but functional. Andi, from digideep, said he was going to post a review, but never did. Wondering if there is more to that story than just never got around to it??? Really not sure at this point...would love to hear from others! I really don't want to spend the money for the Subal but wonder at this point if it would be cheaper in the long run. CDesparado, who has spent about 100 hours UW with this housing says he will post a fairly comprehensive review soon. Hopefully that will shed more light on this issue.
  17. Gentlemen, I have read your review/posts of the Jonah d100 housing and have a question about the port/lens combinations you used. James/Craig: One of the pictures in your review has a caption under it suggesting that it may be possible to use the 4 inch dome with extension for both the 60mm macro and the 24-85 zoom. Do you think that port/extension would work with the 17-35? The reason I'm asking is because I am considering the Jonah for my 10d and will be using the 50mm macro and 17-40 zoom. Can I use one port for both or do I need to buy the flat port and a dome to accomodate both lenses. Andi: In one of your posts you say under a picture of the Jonah system that you have the nikon 12-24 housed in the four inch port with and extender. Test shots showed no vingetting (SP?). Based upon this am I safe making the above assumption about the canon 17-40 in the same port set up? What port did you use to house your 15-30 Sigma? Results? Did you have to use diopters? I would prefer not to have to buy, pack, haul, and then push the 8 inch port through the water if the 4 inch will do the trick...what do you guys think? Thanks,
  18. CDesparado, How's the review of the Jonah housing coming? I can't wait to read it! I have been waiting for a review of the C10 housing for quite some time now. Andi, from digideep was suposedly doing one but I think he got bogged down. Beilieve I will purchase a Jonah soon. I have a couple of questions. Can you tell me what port(s) you used for wide angle. I have a 17-40 F4L that I will use for WA and am trying to figure out if I can get away with using the 4 inch port with and extender. James mentions in his review of the D100 version that the 4 inch port may work for both the 60mm macro (50 for the canon) as well as for the 24-85. He states that more testing needed to be done. Since the 17-40 becomes a 27 on the 10d, and the 4 inch port is for up to a 20mm lens, I'm wondering if I can get away with buying only that port and use it for both macro and WA. Your experiences/opinions would be appreciated. Andi mentions in one of his posts that the S6 bulkhead was wired incorrectly...any knowledge? Glad to hear you were pleased with the housing overall. Hope to join in on all the fun with one of my own soon. Thanks,
  19. Thanks for the quick response Yeang. What do you think of the Jonah housing? I am waiting for a review to be posted but doesn't seem I will see one any time soon. Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on your new housing. Have you had a chance to use it yet? Can you post pictures? Thanks, Bill
  20. Does anyone know when Sea & Sea will release the new DX10 housing for the canon 10d? Does anyone have any opinions about how this housing compares to the Jonah housing? Thanks, Bill
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