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  1. James, Eric, Any ideas/knowledge about the S&S and Inon housings for the Canon 10d as far as price and availability? How would you compare them to other housings you have seen/have experience with? I thought I was most interested in the Johah housing but now it looks like a few more options will be available soon (how soon and for how much is the million dollar question). Based upon your hands on experience with these housings, is it worth waiting? Thanks, Bill
  2. I am in Oahu. Wanted to know in order to see if there is enough interest in getting together from time to time for a dive. Bill
  3. Andre, I am definitely interested. The UK housing is one of the housings I am considering for my 10d. Comparing it to the Jonah housing. Would love to see more. thanks, Bill
  4. Andi, Will you be posting anymore photos? What about with flash? Very interested in your opinions about this housing. Will you be posting any type of reveiw? Thanks, Bill
  5. Hi Craig, Interested in learning a bit more about the Inon strobes you are using. What can you tell me about them? How do you like them compared to other brands (Ike, S&S etc). What can you tell me about their TTL function. Sea Optics specs page says "Both Nikon and Canon TTL systems built in." If true, I believe these to be the first to crack the code on E-TTL with canon or housed systems. (I have a canon 10d). If I decide to go this route...where is the best place to purchase...A very quick web search reveals that MP Photo sells them for $695.00. Is that a good price? As always...thanks to you and so many others for your help as I build my system.
  6. Guys, Thanks for all of your help. I sincerely appreciate it. I decided to go with the canon lenses. I ordered the 17-40 and 70-200 f/4 from Badger Graphic. The 17-40 is in; waiting for the 70-200, which I 'm told will be in in a day or two. Hopefully these will ship by the end of the week. Now for that housing...
  7. Guys... Really would appreciate another "set of ears" on deciding which lenses to buy. I will purchase two lenses for my camera in the next few days. I have a Canon 10d and want to buy either the Canon 17-40 f/4L or the Sigma 15-30 f/3.5-4.5 and either the Canon 70-200F/4L or the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8. I will use the WA zoom in (I think) the Jonah C10D housing with appropriate port for u/w photos and also for land photography. I will use the long zoom for nature/wildlife photos. From the reading I have done it seems there are mixed opinions on which lens is better in each case. The cost of the pure canon vs. pure sigma option is with-in $100 of each other so either way I will be spending about the same amount of money (assuming I buy the same brand of both) so that doesn't really cause me to fall either way. This appears to be purely a quality/functionality issue. My thinking: (my wife tells me this is very dangerous) Sigma 15-30 is a little wider but is bigger/heavier and is not weather sealed or HSM and has fixed lens shade and no option for filters Sigma 70-200 is one stop faster but is also bigger/heavier and not weather sealed neither is "canon L" Wondering if there is an advantage to keeping a pure canon system (camera and lenses) or if there is any issue using sigma lenses on the 10d. Also wondering if the the fact that the canon lenses are weather sealed vs the sigma lenses which are not is a big consideration. Wondering too if the fact that the sigma WA does not except filters will cause me much frustration (circular polarizer for landscapes etc.) and whether the fact that the sigma WA is not HSM will be an issue. For the 70-200, wondering if f2.8 vs F4 is really that big a deal considering that digital gives me the flexibility to bump up my ISO at any time if necessary. I know there are several questions here. I appreciate any opinions shared. Thank you,
  8. Guys... The photo of the "day" has been posted for...well lets just say a little longer than a day If the photo of the day isn't working why not take the winner that cybergoldfish picks from the official photo contest and at least post that. We could call it photo of the month or official monthly contest winner or whatever. I would love to submit a photo to help out but I'm not there yet...still putting my kit together. But soon... What do ya think
  9. Andi, Any more thoughts on this housing? I would love to hear about your experiences with it and see some of the pictures you shot. Thanks,
  10. w/ USA warranty, but currently out of stock. Does anyone know of another place that has them in stock for that or a better price? I talked to them this morning to place an order. Salesman said it would be atleast next Friday before getting another shipment. Thanks,
  11. If anyone is following this thread and is interested, here is a bit more info. I've been surfing the web to learn more. This is what I have found out so far. "Actions" in PS are "Effects" in PSE2. There is an effects pallett that you can pull down and use as you would any of the others. One of the effects is "frames". I found an "action" at Photofreaks.com written for PSE that you can purchase ($14.95) that will run the steps required to create various frames for you. I believe this is nothing more than what I thought to begin with...that these frames are a series of steps modifying the canvas behind the photo. What I would like to learn now is what are the steps involved and whether they are so involved that it is worth the $15.00 to buy the "action" and let it do the work for you or if I can do it myself in a reasonable amount of time. Jay Arraich's Elements Tips at http://www.arraich.com/elements/psE_intro.htm has a lot of useful info that I think will eventually tell me what I want to know. I'm impressed with elements. Haven't found anything (yet) that I have wanted to do that I can't with this program. At this point I see no reason to spend the money on PS7. I only wish Canon would have included a users guide with the copy that came with my 10d...
  12. Thanks for the quick response James. Apparently this is one of the full PS7 features that PSE2 does not have as there is no file - automation - batch choice under the file menu; only a file - automation tools - PDF slideshow and multipage PDF to PSD slide show actions. Bill
  13. I have seen posts (primarily on DPreview forums) showing a very nice picture frame around someones posted pictures. How do they do this. Is this some very elaborate canvas work in PS/E or is there a software program that does this. I tried to register to use DPreview forums in order to ask there but couldn't because it didn't like my e-mail address ??? (roadrunner)...so I came "back home" to ask here. Anyway, the URL below is a link to an example of what I am talking about. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp...message=6062903 Thanks, Bill
  14. James, Are there any reviews in the works of the Jonah C10D housing (Canon 10D)? I think I read that Andi, from Digideep, was shooting in the Red Sea with that set up. Do you know if he is doing a review that will be posted here? I thought that I had also read the you were shooting with the Jonah housing for the Nikon D100. What were your impressions? (as I assume they would hold true for the Canon version as well). Thanks, Bill
  15. Lar, Thx...you have taught me another trick for my PE2 tool bag. Before asking you to explain how you created the effect, I was able to figure out all but the vivid blending piece. That's a cool feature and one that I will play with more. Again, thanks for you help. Bill
  16. Lars, Please explain how you were able to create the image you posted. I am trying to learn PS Elements 2.0. Thought I was getting pretty good...until I attempted to re-create your effect and could not. Oh well....practice, practice, practice. Thx, Bill
  17. One YS90TTL duo with a wetlink sync cord...spoke to L&M today...fixed the strobe not firing problem...now trying to get correct exposure. Any recommended settings? Currenlty setting camera on Manual exposure (F8@1/125) Strobe is on TTL. Making exposure adustments up or down using the ROC controller. My photos are sometimes completely blown out even with ROC setting on least powerful setting. Think I should master the strobe I have first....but based upon you question, do you recommend two strobes and if so which should I get? thanks,
  18. A friend is having trouble with his Camera/Strobe. He uses a CP5000 in a L&M Tetra housing with a S & S YS90DX strobe. He is having difficulty with the strobe consistantly firing U/W. The stobe will work fine for a while but then stops firing at some point during the dive. He thinks there may be some setting that he is not aware of that is causing the strobe to shut down after some period of time. He knows that the ROC system will go to sleep mode and then turn off after 30 mins. but he has problems if he doesn't just sit at a subject and shoot repeatedly without much of a time lap between shots. Since I don't use this system, I am of little help. Thought some of you who do may know more. He has tried both TTL and manual settings and neither will fire consistantly. Please send the settings you use on your CP5000/strobe. Thanks,
  19. Have just purchased a Canon 10d and anticipate getting a Jonah housing. Wondering if the Substrobe 100a is a good choice for this set up. I'm thinking that most u/w dslr users use their strobes on manual anyway so what does the Substrobe 100a not offer (other than a 1/4 power setting)?...it gives you full and 1/2 power options, has a modeling light, and is a couple hundred cheaper than a DS125...what am I missing? advise please ....thanks
  20. I finally took the plunge and ordered my 10d two days ago. Should arrive in the mail in a couple of days. I really hope I don't have the front/back focus problems that I have read so much about. Based on a lot of what I have read I think it is a far more popular forum topic than an actual problem. At any rate, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. I also ordered the 50mm f2.5 Macro. Still deciding on other lenses but leaning towards the 17-40 f4 L and 70-200 f4 L. Should round things out nicely I think. Now just waiting on a housing...my sights are on the Jonah right now. Any opinions on the above choices would be helpful should anyone have the time. Eric...any words of wisdom or things worth passing on about the 10d? Can't wait to put the whole thing together and start taking pictures...as much as I enjoy looking at all of yours...really want to post some of my own Thanks
  21. 10d/D60 users, what is the view through your viewfinder like? Can you see the entire scene when you camera is in its housing? Which housing are you using? I'm considering the Jonah housing...any insights? Thx, Bill Spadie
  22. 10d/D60 users, what is the view through your viewfinder like? Can you see the entire scene when you camera is in its housing? Which housing are you using
  23. I have a question concerning the view through the current prosumer DSLR view finders. Given the fact that the view finder is cropped to account for the reduced FOV, is it difficult/impossible to see the entire scene being photographed while looking through these view finders with the camera in a housing? The point of the question is whether or not the e-1 will likely have a more easily viewed scene given that it is supposed to be a full frame/view camera. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge of a comparison between housed 10d/d100 and E10/20 view finders? Thought I had made up my mind to go with the canon 10d but now wondering what the e-1 will offer...assuming that L&M will upgrade thier E10/20 housing to accommodate the e-1. Geez...will this waiting game ever end??? Thanks for any help/opinions offered. Bill Spadie
  24. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a canon 10D (new, not gray market and with US warranty) for a reasonable price. Most places I have tried say out of stock. Not willing to pay more than $1499. Gateway and Dell both offered 10% off but can't deliver... Looking for reputable dealer that has the camera in stock. Thanks in advance for your help
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