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  1. Includes 20mm WA, close up, and macro lenses, spare o-rings, o-ring tool and all paperwork. Like new condition...$850
  2. Thought I would attempt to open a discussion about the value of zoom lenses versus fixed focal length lenses on a housed digital SLR. I am considering the Canon 10D camera and am now trying to figure out lenses for it. Obviously zooms have pratical application on land but what about underwater? If so, which ones? Thought this might make for some interesting discussion. Here goes... How practical is a zoom lens, vice a fixed focal length lens, in underwater photography. If you like zooms, which ones and why? If you prefer fixed focal length lenses, which ones and why? What do you think?
  3. I am also considering this camera. Jonah is making a housing for this camera that will be sold by Oceanbrite in the US that I am very interested in. Should be available for purchase in August. See the Oceanbrite ad on the wetpixel news page. Oceanbrite has sent me a flyer on the housing. Price is $1700 plus dome port. Available ports are 8" for 15mm, 4" for 20mm and Macro for 50mm and range in price from about $200 to $450. Zoom lenses are not yet supported but should be "soon" according to Oceanbrite. Also rumored to be out soon is a housing for the EX550 strobe. Otherwise, the Jonah housings have Nikonos bulk heads. I have not been able to find a review of Jonah housings however. Housings are out for the EOS 3 and the Nikon F100 but I have not found anyone to talk to about them. My guess is that Sea&Sea will produce a housing soon to accomodate the 10D given the minor modifications necessary to the D60 housing they already sell. Would love to find a review or hear opinions about the Jonah housings. If you fidn out something please post for us all. Hope this helps, at least a little, with your search
  4. Thanks all for the answers...great to have all the help. Pretty much made up my mind to go with the canon 10d...what an awesome camera. Another question...what does the dot on the envelope icon mean (colored envelope at the beginning of each post that denotes status of that post. The legend at the bottom of the forum page did not specify) thanks
  5. Does the view that one sees in the view finder of digital SLRs (Canon 10D and Nikon D100) equal the picture that the camera will take? I think I understand the focal length multiplier of 1.5~1.6. That's simple math given the focal legth of the lens and the size of the sensor (well maybe not so simple for us english majors...but that's what calculators are for). At any rate, is what I will see in the view finder what the picture will look like or do people using these cameras have to do some mental approximation given the field of view crop? I have been considering the E20/Titan but now considering the Canon 10D/Jonah housing but want to ensure I understand the above first. It would seem to me that if one has to make some sort of mental approximation when looking through the view finder, that it would defeat the whole purpose of having an SLR. Thanks for your help.
  6. Does anyone have any knowledge of, or experience with, oceanbrite housings? I am considering one for a canon d10 camera. opinions welcomed. Also, can anyone refer me to a review of an oceanbrite housing?Thanks, Bill
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