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  1. I've got a mint condition Ikelite housing for a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera for sale, which can also be used with the other Sony A6XXX models (A6300, A6400, A6500) if you reprogram a button; one button is different, and I have confirmed this safely works. The housing includes the intermediate port and wide angle glass port for a Sony 21mm ultra wide (weitwinkel) Conversion lens (which I also have for sale). In addition, it includes a Sentinel leak and vacuum valve installed, pump, and Ikelite dual handle tray for your strobes. You can either run optical to your strobes, or purchase a TTL board from Ikelite to run with their strobes. Lots of spare parts, including multiple new o-rings. Used for a little under 100 dives before I upgraded to a Nauticam and full frame. The whole setup cost me over $2200 new, so I am asking only $750 for the package. I will include a brand new Sony 21mm UWC lens (converts the Sony FE 28mm F2 lens into a 21mm F2.8 wide angle) for an additional $100, but you will still need the Sony 28mm lens. I have receipts for everything, all purchased new in 2018. No leaks, no scratches on the dome. Many more pics available. The blue tape is just to keep everything together so the o-ring stays healthy.
  2. I have had good experiences with Tank-Ha Diving in Playa del Carmen. Not the cheapest, and I don't know about their rental equipment, but I liked their DM's and things were run well.
  3. I use a DS160 and a DS161, mainly because it saves some weight and space by not having a dedicated focus light for night diving. I've never tried using it for video but I don't think it would be bright enough. It's a nice backup, but doesn't work as one might ideally hope. I found it worth the $150 price difference.
  4. Any reason you can't change the bulkhead fitting on the housing and add the optical transmitter in there? Not sure which camera you have.
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