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  1. So - will you try for HDR? Would love to se it.
  2. Yes the mackerels... didn't want to point it out as the film is really superb but I've noticed slightly deteriorated image/noise in that segment mainly at 3:32 and I attributed it to GH5 sensor and also 'less than perfect visibility' :-) but now also the 8bit footage explains it to me. Could not have been easy to grade it to match the rest. I think the movie is superb and it would shine even more in HDR. I would love to see if you would try converting project for this delivery!
  3. Wow, exquisite work! Both on the location and in the post. I can see the benefits of stabilisation and I would only wish my GH5S would have one. Fingers crossed for GH6 :-). I was on a live aboard at about the same time in Red Sea. I've tried HDR delivery but had to mix GoPro footage in this as it's a field trip report, not a reel. Did you shoot v-log or standard and how did you deal with white balancing? https://youtu.be/94lVqZEafbM
  4. It's been 29 years since the great tragedy in Red Sea.
  5. I was probably very young to do this. Perhaps one the youngest to do this for convenience. But I was 48 and within 2 years my presbyopia prescription went from 0 to 2.5. It would probably stop there. But I felt too crippled not to be able to read how much things cost in grocery store, what crap would Craft foods put in their chocolate etc. So I went for it. IOL replacement. Have NO 0 NO 0 regrets. It was challenging at first but then - freedom. Real happy now. Especially when my 50+- old friends are hunting for glasses at parties :-)
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