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  1. 11 hours ago, benedika said:

    Thank you much Roman!
    Im only able to use the camera IBIS, my lenses dont support extra stabilization. But yes its a great benefit and with a neutral buanced housing, steady motion and stabilization in post it looks like on a camera slider. I filmed in V-Log 25fps, only for the Mackerels i used 50fps or 60/25 VBR

    Yes the mackerels... didn't want to point it out as the film is really superb but I've noticed slightly deteriorated image/noise in that segment mainly at 3:32 and I attributed it to GH5 sensor and also 'less than perfect visibility' :-) but now also the 8bit footage explains it to me. Could not have been easy to grade it to match the rest. I think the movie is superb and it would shine even more in HDR. I would love to see if you would try converting project for this delivery! 

  2. Wow, exquisite work! Both on the location and in the post. I can see the benefits of stabilisation and I would only wish my GH5S would have one. Fingers crossed for GH6 :-). I was on a live aboard at about the same time in Red Sea. I've tried HDR delivery but had to mix GoPro footage in this as it's a field trip report, not a reel. Did you shoot v-log or standard and how did you deal with white balancing?


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  3. I was probably very young to do this. Perhaps one the youngest to do this for convenience. But I was 48 and within 2 years my presbyopia prescription went from 0 to 2.5. It would probably stop there. But I felt too crippled not to be able to read how much things cost in grocery store, what crap would Craft foods put in their chocolate etc.


    So I went for it.


    IOL replacement.


    Have NO 0 NO 0 regrets.


    It was challenging at first but then - freedom. Real happy now. Especially when my 50+- old friends are hunting for glasses at parties :-)

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