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  1. Light & Motion Bluefin Pro housing with 2 Sony CX550 cameras, Fathom90 Wide Lens, Macro Lens, Red Filter & 2 Sola 1200 Video Lights plus WD160gb Portable Storage Drive and MORE... Original cost $10,000 USD Asking $5500 USD or Best Offer Cameras: (2) Sony HDR CX550V Handycams 60gb Hard Disk Drive, Micro SD Card Slot Camera records quality HD1080P in 29, 30 or 60 frames/sec and 12mpx still photos Auto White Balance, plus many other programmable features HDMI, USB, A/V input/outputs 1 charging cord 1 camera battery charger AC/DC 3 camera batteries USB cable A/V cables for RCA & HDMI Sony original CD/software Carry case Digital Concepts wide lens (for land) Remote control *Camera will auto-play slide show & video previews connected directly to screen or projector by HDMI or RCA jacks NOTE: CAMERA DOWNLOADS DIRECTLY TO PORTABLE DRIVE, CHECKING FOR PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOADED IMAGES. Computer not required. Bluefin Pro Housing: Auto white balance InfraRed handle controls External microphone 3 inch monitor on control cover Camera mount/control tray Internal flip arm for accessory lens External knob for manual focus Flat lens port (NEW, never used) 60mm bayonet front lens mount Extra battery packs for monitor control cover, standard & coupled for longer run time with rechargeable batteries Uses 4-12 AA batteries (some included) Control arms use 2021 batteries (2 each) included On board programming for Sony & Canon models Original instructions L&M Handle Thread Repair Kit (NEW) Accessories: Fathom 90 dome wide angle lens (2) 14 inch Lockline flex light arms (2) Sola 1200 rechargeable wide/narrow beam video lights, 3 power settings, with cases & 1 charger * 1 light has NEW battery Red lens & macro lens for flip arm Western Digital 160gb Portable Drive with case & mini-USB cord/adapter for direct camera downloads Carry-on foam padded hard case with extension handle & 4 wheels (3) AA/AAA battery chargers, assorted rechargeable batteries Contact me directly for more photos or if they don't display here Manta Ray video I made with this rig: https://youtu.be/Yhb74OCAaKo All items tested, WORKING Housing is currently being serviced at L&M with new seals & tests to confirm function & integrity REASON FOR SELLING: I have switched to still photos for supermacro pursuits. This rig with SONY Handycams still rivals the image & color quality of professional video systems. Easy to use & learn.
  2. The first thing my photography-diver friends said to me when they got me into diving and underwater photography... "If you think you're close enough ...get closer" I never forgot that rule. Another basic is to do it slowly, quietly. So many anxious beginners try to follow fish to get a photo. They get photos of fish tails. Wait. Be patient & quiet, the fish will turn & look at you. Get the eyes in the shot, profile, angle or face-on. Actually it's much easier to learn by taking photos of things that don't move; corals, sponges, fans... but yes I know turtles are magic & magnetic. Yes practicing with toys in a swimming pool is a good idea. Take notes on the results of different settings. Search these forums, read read read ...and practice. I still consider myself an amateur after 28 years with assorted cameras. You can have a whole bunch of gadgets yet still get mediocre results, but a few special tools in the hands of a knowledgeable artist can produce wonders. And yes light is very important. BTW: Once you begin working as an instructor your opportunities to take your camera will be (or should be) very limited. Your purpose in diving will be to take care of/teach/entertain your students. You are diving for them, not yourself. Dive for yourself on your days off. Just sayin'... Good luck with your adventures
  3. I use a Sola 1200 video light with my TG-5/PT-058 housing-tray-locline 7" arm. Admittedly I have not tried a strobe yet but the compact rig is very nice, stowes neatly in my backpack not needing an extra suitcase. The buttons on the Olympus housing are very easy to get used to. I am pleased with the results from my camera even though I am still learning how to improve the macro & supermacro shots I capture. One interesting point; if I get my video light too close to the lens port the heat causes the port to fog for the rest of the dive. Once I realized the cause of the problem I kept the light spaced at least 4" from the port with no further problem. On one dive in particular the port fogged early in the dive. I surfaced, took the camera out of the housing & resumed the dive with bare camera keeping above 16 meters, no problems. Previously, on the 2nd day using same rig the case flooded (pinched o-ring?). As I watched the case slowly fill the screen showed a warning of depth exceeding camera limit so I decreased my depth & kept shooting. On the plus side, the water inside the case rinsed the fog from the lens port so I got the best photos yet from my efforts (just the 2nd day with the rig remember). The moral is that the camera was fine, no damage. I cleaned, greased & reset the o-ring, had no problem since. The dive guides at Raja Ampat & Bunaken Sulawesi were awesome at finding macro critter subjects that pushed my photography skills to higher levels with the new camera. I'm debating trying a strobe and I would like some feedback on adding a Macromate 55 +15 lens if anyone has experience or insights. Looking forward to returning to Indonesia soon
  4. Very inspiring. Recently visited Raja Ampat & Bunaken but not Lembeh side. Going back soon. Previously went to Bali, Gili T, Komodo ...all great. Difficult to be disappointed diving Indonesia
  5. I'm Lew in Gainesville, FL Diving since 1987, teaching scuba, taking photos sporadically since 1989, more recently switched into video for a while and enjoyed it but now switched to a compact setup to be able to experience the world of supermacro as well and loving it. I have some exciting captures from recent visit to Raja Ampat Indonesia and still learning how to get better results from my Olympus TG-5. Joined here to offer my Sony/Bluefin/Sola1200 system for sale and noticed the restriction to post 3 times before selling ..ok here goes. I do have 1 question if anyone knows; My Olympus TG-5 has difficulty capturing detail of the hairs of an orangutan anemone crab set on supermacro. It just looks blurry, even trying the focus-adjust burst feature. Is there a supermacro add-on lens like the Macromate 55 (+15) that actually works, will sharpen focus & still allow close 1-2" focal range? I know it will need a 52mm-55mm stepup ring. Does anyone have experience with this or would I be wasting my money?
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