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    Leica D-Lux 4
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    soon: 10Bar LX3
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    Fisheye tray + carry top,ULCS strobe arm, INON UWL-100 + Dome Unit, UN PCU-01
  1. Hi Richard, I definitely love your videos...as I was on that trip too! :-) Hope all is well with you. Best wishes, Bartus
  2. Hi Susie, I started out with the Locline arm too, taking the cost in account, but already during my first trip I got so frustrated with it (in use with Inon strobe): -it didn't stay in the exact position I wanted it -on land, it often just bent -if the arm is (too) short, there are certain positions you can't put it. -it makes a funny noise indeed when you move them underwater. So, on my second trip I used ULCS, and been very happy with it ever since :-) I'd say, invest the extra money, you won't regret it! Best wishes, Bart
  3. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Strobes are firing as they should! It was indeed the Advanced Cancel Circuit button. I knew what it was for, I just assumed (wrongly) the Leica D-Lux 4 was not using preflash in manual mode with forced (internal) flash. This owner of 2 Inon Z240 strobes, is now a HAPPY owner :-) Thank you all! Bart
  4. Thanks alot for the comment. I was indeed assuming the Leica's internal flash doesn't use pre-flash, similar to the Oly 5050 and 5060. I'll try with the Advanced Cancel Circuit ON (= the little button OUT, NOT pushed in). I'll post my finding. Can't wait to get home to do the test. Cheers, Bartus
  5. I have tried that too, but unfortunately, it doesn't change a bit. The really weird thing I find is that since I'm shooting manually, my internal flash is just there to trigger the strobes. So why would the strobes not fire anymore when I set them to a higher output? Interestingly enough, I have noticed something else: when I push the shutter, I can clearly see the 2 Inon strobes are not firing in a synchronised way; one comes a tiny bit later than the other, but noticeable with the naked eye. I have swapped optical cables, but that doesn't change it; the same strobe fires a bit later than the other one. If any other Inon Z240 users have experienced similar problems and/or have found solutions, I would definitely love you to hear! Thanks alot in advance, Bart
  6. -internal flash set to full power: no difference, the strobes don't fire or fire just a mininum ---> underexposed, dark picture. -I tried with that button not pushed in, and yes, I can get FULL power....but according to the manual, if one is shooting manual and using the strobes on manual/full, you're supposed to push-and-turn the button -with the internal flash set to "forced" flash, it always fires, regardless of the ambient light. I did try in a darker room, no difference.
  7. Hi Chris, I'm only using manual and full. As for the green "nr 8", I'm only using as a reference, it's the manual setting that correlates to that nr 8. The thing is, it worked just fine with my Olympus 5050, but with the Leica D-Lux4, it's not. The 2 Z240s are a "slave" to the internal flash, so I don't get it why they are not fired properly, resulting in a black or highly underexposed picture. Bartus
  8. Hi all, It's been a while since I've been on Wetpixel. Hope everyone's doing well. I've noticed some Wetpixelers with a similar setup, so I'm hoping for their advice. I used to have an Olympus 5050 with Inon D2000 strobe, optical cable. I always set the camera in manual mode, forced flash (turned down to save battery power), Inon strobe on manual (-6 to -0.5) or full power (one had to insert a little magnet to turn of that advanced cancel circuit). Always worked flawlessly. Recently I've upgraded to a Leica D-Lux 4 (same as Panasonic LX3) and today my 2 Inon Z240 strobes have arrived. They turned out to be bloody expensive due to the Tax man not liking me having some new toys, but that's a different story. Anyway, so I thought I'd try the same settings. D-Lux 4 on manual, forced flash, EV turned down to save battery power. I connected the 2 Z240s via 2 optical cables. On the Z240 to shut down that advanced circuit you apparently no longer have to insert a magnet but just push-and-turn a little button. So I did. Strobes on Manual. Everything seems to be going fine, i.e. both strobes are firingand gradually increasing output, until I turn the EV controler past that "green 8" on the dialer. Past 8 to 11, my strobes are no longer firing. Also, when I put both of the strobes to FULL, they are not triggered by the flash of my camera either. UPDATE: when the strobes are on FULL, they sometimes fire full force, but still the picture come out highly underexposed or black. I have tried different aperture and speed setting, but no difference. Basically this means I cannot use the strobes at higher to full output. Does anybody know what's wrong?? Any settings I have to adjust. Just like the Inon D2000, the Z240 comes with a useless manual lol. Hoping to get some advice. Thanks alot in advance! Bartus PS: just came to think of it....I have the same problem with my Inon D2000. It seems the strobe won't be triggered by the Leica's flash, once the EV controller is past "8" or when the strobe is on FULL... With both strobes I've been using Eneloop batteries.
  9. Hi, Hope everyone is doing fine and diving as much as they can. Been a while since I've been on Wetpixel (work, etc). I did one dive trip with camera, although enjoyable, it was not quite the same. Since I'm waiting for my 10Bar housing (Leica D-Lux 4) to be delivered one of these days, I'm thinking to sell some of my equipment. Ideal for those who still love their Oly 5050 or for those who want try UW photography at a reasonable price. -1 camera Olympus camedia 5050zoom, functioning as it should -1 camera Olympus camedia 5050zoom, with a bit of a mind of its own (sometimes shuts itsels down and starts up again). Added to the package at NO extra costs, for those of you who want to use it for spare parts or want to have it checked by Olympus. -1 original protective camera bag -all original Olympus accessories (some never used): batteries, chargers, USB cables, A/V out cables -1 PT-015 housing for Oly 5050: used on approx. 180 dives. NEVER leaked! Serviced on regular basis (all buttons and O-rings removed and cleaned, greased), pressure-tested on 1st dive of each dive trip. -1 weight to balance housing underwater -3 sets of used (greased, but intact) main O-rings -1 set of non-used main O-rings -1 set of spare O-rings (buttons) -10 silica bags of better quality than original ones For pictures, please have a look at my Facebook Looking to sell as 1 package for 250,- euro + shipping costs. Drop me a line here on Wetpixel if you are interested. Bartus (Belgium)
  10. Hi Cor, Seems to work here Windows XP (Media Center Edition) IE 7.0
  11. Sorry, but I would like to respectfully disagree. Your baby will hopefully stay fine until departure (AND during the trip too - don't get me wrong, I'm wishing you and your family a great holiday), but no doctor can predict whether your baby, you or wife will become ill, regardless whether on a trip or not. As an MD (who has worked for a travel assistance company) I have seen a myriad of reactions when people become ill during a trip in a country that looks totally different than their home country and (quite often) have unrealistic expectations of the local hospitals/doctors and their travel insurance.
  12. Having worked for a Travel Assistance/Insurance Company (incl. medical assistance) I think your main concern with travelling to Egypt should be the health and well-being of your 5 month old baby, rather than the risk of theft. I don't think any street thief will make (or even know) the difference between a D3(00) and any other fancy looking dSLR, if it looks expensive you're at risk. Just my 2 cents
  13. And those would be...pink? Great pics, Mike (also on Flickr)
  14. Hi Ed, Superb shots !!! Very well done! May I ask which lenses and how did you get so close to some of these critters? Regards, Bart
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