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  1. Is DEPP still in business? I try to go to their website but it never works
  2. Dear all, I used to dive in the Netherlands 3x a week and for these last couple of years had no chance to do so. I've just moved to San Francisco and I'm now looking to get back on track with my diving and UW photography. To do so I am booking a trip really soon to do a liveaboard in Hawaii but need to get my equipment serviced. I use a Aqualung Legend as my main regulator system though also have Apeks. I need to find a credible place to service my equipment. So far haven't found any good information online to help with that. Can anyone please help me? Thank you! Nuno
  3. Hi everyone, I am going to be working in Kuala Lumpur during the last three weeks of January and I am traveling to Asia already on the 26th of December to do some nice beach / diving vacation. My girlfriend is going with me and we are now trying to decide where to go during that time. The places we are mostly considering are either Bali or Phuket. Any suggestions with regard to these places in terms of beach and diving. And which hotels to stay? Thanks! Nuno
  4. Thanks guys for all your help!!! Ended up most of the time in Malaysia. Dived in Redang, Perhentian Islands, Kapalai, Mabul, Simail and SIPADAN !!! In Redang I stayed in Redang Kalong and I loved it. Indeed, being modest, the place is awesome in the sense that is very quiet. Ppl were also very nice. In Perhentian I dived with Perhentian Island Resort Divers and they were also pretty good and relaxed. The Pinnacle and the wreck are the must-do over there. In Borneo I stayed in Kapalai Resort and got to dive two days in Sipadan. Amazing dives all the time. Kapalai, Mabul and Simail not that much but also not too bad. Looking forward to go back to Sipadan, this time with my UW Camera gear !!! Cheers Nuno
  5. Thanks a lot guys. Drew, I don't have an exact budget but will be a whole month traveling around Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodja so trying to staying in nice places but not way too expensive. My idea is to combine some nice resorts with some more modest (but still nice). How important is to book in advance (more than a couple of days) those places over there? When you say that June is not the best time, could you please elaborate a bit more? I understand it is (or starting) the monsoon season right? How bad is it? Is it just some hours of rain but still able to do nice beach or is it worse? Cheers
  6. Dear All, After some time without being able to dive, I will be going in June to travel around Thailand and Malaysia and want to get back on track!!! I would like to ask you what are your recommended resorts/places to stay where there is nice diving as well as the diving centres to use (hopefully in the resort itself). This time I will not be taking my diving equipment with me since I will not have space so quality of rental equipment is also of importance. The places I am planning to go are: Thailand: - Koh Samui and Koh Tao - Koh Phi Phi - Railay Malaysia: - Palau Redang - Sipadan (not sure I will be able to get there though) Thanks a lot !!! Cheers Nuno
  7. Guys, Thanks a lot for your precious input. I guess I was gonna do the wrong thing (just sending some pictures). I will have some thoughts about this since I would really like to get into this. Cheers Nuno
  8. Hi! Thanks for the update. One question: can you see the complete LCD screen? Cheers Nuno
  9. Thanks guys. I haven't focused too much in color management to tell you the truth. I use a Macbook Pro with LED screen. I have Huey calibrator at home but it did not seem to work very well on my Macbook Pro so I am not using any color calibration system at the moment. Any advice there? Thanks Nuno Sanches e Silva
  10. Hi. Thanks for the info. My questions are the following: - is this a version that you can put on and off without any modifications in the housing? - does the viewfinder provide any magnification? (the size of the image in the aquatica was great)
  11. Take a look at the Stix arms as well as you can use the Stix floaters with it. This will greatly reduce the weight of your rig underwater. If you do a small search on Wetpixel you will find lots of discussion on this and the review done by Cor. I have a pair of Sea Arms from Sea&Sea and now they are in the closet. Hope it helps.
  12. I want to make some "relatively large" prints of some of my pictures. The idea is to make some frames. Does anyone know where can I do that here in the Netherlands? Preferably in Amsterdam since this is where I live. Thanks! Regards, Nuno Sanches e Silva
  13. Not sure if this is the right forum for this so if it isn't please feel free to move it. I have been taking some shots and would like to give it a try on the magazines. My question is the following: how to get your photos into a magazine? Do you send them a slideshow of some of your best shots? Do you send them originals of your best shots? How does it work so that you get them to check you photos and at the same time not get them pissed off with a bunch of files in their email box. Thanks Regards, Nuno Sanches e Silva
  14. Second that. I never tried the set underwater without the Stix arms so cannot really say whether it is very negative. But with the arms, the set is perfect. I really like this housing!!! All the buttons work perfectly and it feels great in my hands (I dont have that big hands). Also one other thing I really like in this new housing is the size. The housing is the same size (or even slightly smaller) than my previous S&S housing for the Canon 350D. So I can still pack everything in a "small" Computrek and take it with me as carry-on. The only thing I really don't like about S&S until now is that they still don't provide an optional viewfinder like the 45 or and 180. I tried the Aquatica 180 viewfinder and loved it!!! Wish S&S comes with one soon... Cheers Nuno
  15. Thanks !!! I just wrote a short review on the Nikon D300 and S&S housing for Digifish.nl. You can find the link through my blog. Cheers Nuno
  16. If it is like that it is pretty sad. Wonderful animals though. So gentle.
  17. For those who didn't see there is a small footage on diving with the beluga whales. Pretty cool. You can check it on http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7342041.stm
  18. Hi!!! Thanks for the compliments. I actually changed website recently. Now I am in http://nunosanches.com/journal (the rest of the site still under construction). The rig is only slightly negative. What I do with the 105VR is that I use the Stix Collar in the Flat Port. Works like a charm!!! Pic of my rig as well:
  19. I had to wait Newark more than 1 hour just for the plane to get a spot to taxi. Of course, and being already late for my connection flight, customs were a nightmare with the guys being slower turtles (no offense to the turtle )
  20. Eric, I just checked Photo Mechanic (PM). From my tests and some research I did, I cannot use in PM the photos adjusted in Lightroom because it does not read the XMP sidecar files. Am I missing something here? Cheers Nuno
  21. Thanks guys. I will take a look at these. Regards Nuno
  22. Hi James, Breezebrowser looks great but is only for Windows right? I am a Mac user :/
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