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  1. Nick is on the money I reckon, I have worked on a lot of productions where we have tested using the log on low end cameras 8 bit 420 and go pro's etc and find that you are way better to get the look as close to final delivery in camera. Yes you may gain a slight dynamic range advantage but you will also get serious banding and other issues. Shooting with higher end cameras log is great.
  2. Yeah I am keen to try out the Nikonos adapter but it all comes down to $$$$ I have also been shooting with the new 16-35 f4... it has replaced my sigma 17-70 as that doesn't cover dragon well at all. I am reasonably happy with it... but it still isn't as good as the Zeiss
  3. Interested to hear more about the Hawks.. I did a shoot recently using the Kowa anamorphics and they were great, what diopter etc did you need to use etc and what focal lengths did you go for? Pretty impressive getting that rig out there and shooting well done mate!
  4. Fish eye on video can look great on big subjects if you let the subject move through frame, if you pan / tilt it will all go horribly wrong. I prefer rectilinear by far but obvioulsy you have to deal with softer corners, I would save a few extra bucks and get the 16-35 f4 as it will give you more options than the Sigma, it will also help with making a sequence by using the various focal lengths. Just my 2c My main lens choices are Canon 8-15 FE (haven't used it in over two years) 15mm Zeiss (hardly ever comes off) 16-35 Canon f4 Sigma 17-70 macro 60mm 100mm
  5. Contact Pawel Achtel, he has a load and I believe can service them Pawel.Achtel@24x7.com.au
  6. I wouldn't worry about sharpness the gh4 does to much in camera sharpening anyway
  7. Looking to clear out the lens cupboard, open for offers on all lenses Tokina 10-17mm (Perfect condition) Tokina 11-16mm (Great condition) Sigma 30mm 1.4 (Great condition) Lenses are all in Sydney would prefer domestic sale but happy to ship, open for offers
  8. NIce, Only freediving with the whales unfortunately,
  9. Interesting stuff, compared to the 16-35 II how do you compare it with regards to corner sharpness?
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't work now on any of my machines... need to do some upgrading
  11. Great condition lens with gears for Gates Deep Epic. Based in Sydney open for offers unsure how much they are going for Best to get me on my normal email jon dot shaw at ginclearfilm dot com
  12. Gates make one, email John Ellerbrook for Pamela for info not sure it if it will fit Aquatica
  13. Already on the case Drew, I am slightly concerned about a baby Orca using me for target practice An expedition would be great but the chances of getting permits to get in the water are nearly impossible, Australia the laid back country aint so laid back
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