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  1. I dived the outer Islands of the Seychelles in 2005 on Indian Ocean Explorer, IOE, it had just changed hands and we were on a repositioning voyage from Mahe to Aldabara. The diving on the outer islands is brilliant, the islands are uninhabited and so there is no fishing taking place. There is one of the few pristine reef environments in the world, evidenced by the large numbers of medium sized groupers that were just lazing about, these are the prime targeted reef fish for indigenous peoples. Sadly the IOE was pirated by Somalis 2 year later shortly after my wife was on board on an exploratory expedition around north Madagascar. Fortunately there were no guests on board but it was over 6 months before captain and crew were released and the ship was burnt out. Understandably there are no dive operators in the area, hopefully this may change but I'm not holding my breath
  2. Two Major floods Ikelite Housings D70 first when I was ignorant and starting with DSLR Port oring poorly seated. Second D300 Ikelite Longest port with Sigma105 in a current holding line on surface think it banged on something and was nearly full at 5M. Also a self serviced G1 Ikelite housing (checked without camera) failed to seat most button orings water poured in so fast I had to do it again to see which ones were leaking (no electronics in that housing). Now I have Bill's (Underwater Camera Stuff) vacuum checker no leaks but two false alarms from the electronics probably due to temperature change (I now vac the housing to about 1 psi over where it goes green, that seems to be enough). AND one genuine warning of a poorly seated oring that would have drowned camera. So I'm definitely ahead on that. Although this showed up when failing to pressurise at all so electronics not needed on that occasion. But I like the green flashing lights!
  3. I use an Ikelite rig, my concerns re salt crystals are solely in the push buttons. Salt water gets trapped in these and only dries slowly and may take a week out of water to become supersaturated and start to crystalize, I believe it is vital to remove all salt from within button holes before prolonged storage (more than a couple of days). Therefore:- I may dunk after a dive but don't obsess about it, at the end of a trip before flying home I will get a tank of fresh clean water and reassemble housing without camera and repeatedly press buttons and use an air nozzle from my reg to dry out water before dunk and button press again. Repeat thrice. Tim Digger
  4. Just found this thread and pleased to see that for once I'm ahead of the pack. I just fitted and used on a trip to the Northern Red Sea, a Housing Sentry from Bill Libecap. This is a two part electronic version, Bill kindly tailored a valve assembly for me to fit in the threaded housing hole of my Ikelite D300s housing. Now I know that Ikelite are not the most ergonomic housings, I try to set the camera up as far as possible and not alter settings underwater, and so I seldom if ever use the control for DOF and the F button on the D300s also the push rod used for those controls is the single thing making camera installation difficult so it was obvious to me that sacrificing this control was a minimum risk installation strategy. It took about an hour to install worked first time and has given a huge increase in confidence in use after a serious flood 3months ago. This flood was not I think user error but occurred in a fast current on the surface while descending a shot line, I believe the long macro port attached got knocked and the current flow forced water past the oring that on the surface was not pressure sealed. The vacuum device should and has on 18 dives so far prevented a flood this has included backward roll RIB entries and occasional giant stride of the back deck. Re releasing vacuum and opening housing causing a few drops of water to enter, yes I have noted this and it is important to rinse and dry the outside prior to opening but not a major problem. I would echo the sentiments about Bill being easy to work with and get what you want to install in your camera, thanks Bill Tim Digger
  5. There was a POTW winner 279 Kona Mantas, that seemed to have it preetty good. Tim Digger
  6. There seem to be two issues here. One is a solo diving (call it what you will) certification a good idea, IE will it improve your safety as a photographer U/W. For which the answer is undoubtably yes unless you are already mega experienced. The second is will you be allowed to dive in a given geographical location without a buddy if you have one of these qualifications. This will undoubtably depend on the social and legal constraints operating in that area, and how they are perceived by those having admittance rights to a given patch of water. On a dive boat skipper and chief guide rule, they will be aware of their likelihood of financial problems if the worst happens. Hence, Red Sea, Indonesia, little chance of financial penalty finding it's way through the legal system, only those moral imperatives (not letting a complete numpty kill himself on a dive obviously beyond him, or the thoughts of the better organised and qualified boats) are likely to be enforced, or UK inland waters where it is perceived that the owners have responsibility for the use of their land with all sorts of paperwork and costs if there is a problem, or somewhere in between, Mexico, much but not all of the Carribean where the USA hedgemony has influence where it is unpredictable even in the presence of local law what will be applied. One other hidden constraint is the ownership of the boat which may well be in a jurisdiction that will influence behaviour. Thus it is difficult to predict where one will be allowed to make use of the second aspect of such a certification, Caveat Emptor is the watch word here. Ask before you book. Any sticky thread should include the date at which diving took place as this will undoubtably be a fluid situation for sometime to come. Tim Digger
  7. Hi Tim, Like the Whip Coral Gobies had a great deal of fun with them in Philippines earlier this year and with this little chap. The red big eyes are very striking against the blue. Also due to go to Sudan in November. Were you on Royal Evolution?[/img] Cheers Tim Digger
  8. I use a simple fishing vest with about 5kg of lenses and 1st stages in for checkin in case of carryon weighing after that it goes in carry on bag. A simple and useful addition to protect lenses are those 3mm neoprene drinks can cool jackets, since the vest pockets have no padding this is a concern. Tim Digger
  9. First were the strobes firing? It looks to me (difficult to know without details of exposure depth etc) that there was enough ambient light of poor quality with the aperture ISO shutter speed you were using to get more or less the right exposure without strobe light if you were on TTL flash then the strobes would barely flicker leaving your bluey diffuse ambientlight to do the job. More detail please. Tim Digger
  10. Thanks for posting this Jim. I have solved my problem with a voltmeter to check on the other charger and wired the same way. For Reference and provided Ikelite have been internally consistent I wired the BLACK wire to the inside of the new DC charging conector white to outside. Tim Digger
  11. Well it was very hot when we were there, I thought it was normal for January. I remember we debated whether to take our dry suits and were relieved when the decision not to (weight) was OK. I to would want to be in my dry suit in conditions quoted. I guess we were lucky with 20degC and the heat topside. Tim Digger
  12. Softy. I count anything I dive in a wet suit comfortably as temperate. Seriously it was mid summer and land temps 30+. 7mm hired One piece was fine. Tim Digger
  13. Kangaroo Island off Adelaide Warm Temperate, I 'd go back like a shot. Leafy Sea Dragons Sea Lions. and most fauna and flora Different! Not just another tropical Reef. Tim Digger
  14. First of all I have the standard viewfinder which doesn't allow me to view the entire scene at once, making it difficult to make a nice composition. But I'll have to live with that for now, due to budget constraints. I'm sure there must be photographers that are able to make great photos with just the standard viewfinder. I think most have this problem to a greater or lesser extent. I improved mine by getting a mask with a lens that is as close as possible to my eye (I feel my lashes touch the glass sometimes). This maximises the area of viewfinder I can see. I use a Technisub Micromask, but there is an Atomic almost as good. Maybe take your camera and housing shopping for a new mask?? Tim Digger
  15. I would say not seems as solid as the D70s. Tim Digger
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