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  1. We came across this on a night dive in Bonaire, and have never seen anything like it. It seemed to be eating, by closing the transparent edges like a parachute. This was during coral spawning week. Can someone please help us identify it? Thanks!
  2. I'm looking at starting a web based photo buisness (small time) for underwater photos, custom prints and other items as well. I was looking for any advice for settting up the website in order to order the items. I know some people have their prints hosted on a printers website and the printer takes the orders, prints/ships and sends you the extra fees. But I was looking to setup something that you could pull up an item, click the size and quantity and then the order is emailed to me to process. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hate to reinvent the wheel. Jeff
  3. I'm looking for suggestions for making enlargements (20"x30")of some photos. I took the photos in RAW, then converted them to jpeg. I was trying to upload the pictures to Wal-Mart to get printed. Depending on the size of the jpeg, the website would not let me choose the 20" x 30"size becasue of the size of the file. I then went into Photoshop and increased the siize of the picture which obviously increased the size of jpeg. When I then tried to upload, the website did not recognize the revised picture. So....any suggestions as to the best way to get enlargements? Jeff
  4. I'm looking for a Light and Motion Titan zoom gear for a Nikon 12-24 lens. Please pm if you have anything for sale. Thanks, Jeff
  5. I'm looking for a Sea & Sea NX Fisheye Dome port in good condition at a reasonable price. If anyone is looking to get rid of one, please pm me. Thanks. Jeff
  6. For all the D100 Titan users, what lenses have you used successfully with the flat port? On the L&M website, they only identify the 60mm or the 105mm with the extension ring.
  7. Are any ports included or is it just the Titan housing?
  8. I'm looking to purchase a gently used housing and ports (dome and flat preferably) to go along with my Nikon D100 camera. I would prefer to stay at/under $2000. Just PM with any setups. Thanks. Jeff
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