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  1. Nice Jellies Johann. Very realistic colours. I like the surface reflections in the first shot. PauP
  2. Alex It is inspiring to see a different view on something as simple as the silhouetted Anthias. A lovely shot. Thanks PauP
  3. That is a lovely image. Nice to see a some discipline from the snorkelers. It looks like a meeting on the whale's terms. PauP
  4. James It would have been sooner but I had to wait two months for it to arrive, then I had it for a couple of days without a memory card as the Sandisk was on a two month back order also! Now I am on the list for an Aquatica A70 housing....... FisheyeDave Show us your pix and enter them in the competions. You may even win a proper housing!!!!!!!! Did anyone else see all those Seahorses in Detonate's flower shot?? PauP
  5. David, Wait till they are a few months old, then they squeal like a pig when you adjust them. I use them and they are excellent for lightweight strobes, they eventually wear loose but are cheap enough to replace. PauP
  6. John It works fine in AF no need to switch to Manual. The focus ring on the 18-70 should work no matter what mode/setting you select. For close-up shots, set up "Trap" as per James post. Either manually rotate the lens focus ring for frame size or actual focus distance or better still use the AE-L/AF-L button to auto focus, press and hold shutter release button then move camera into focus. Shutter trips when focus is achieved. James, I should confess to owning a D70 for a couple of weeks now. Thanks for the trap focus tip!
  7. Thanks for the replies The SB 104 is clad in a red rubber sleave which when removed allows you to see inside.......I could see the sync socket is seperate from the gas sealed section which allows easy replacement. The socket is held by a key grip and the socket connections are push fit. This is an excellent design and will allow me to easily insert a new socket within minutes! All I have to do is get a new sync socket. I will speak to Nikon UK tomorrow. Thanks again PauP
  8. In a careless moment I have managed to snap a pin in the sync socket of my SB104 Can anyone advise me if the Nikonos range all have the same sockets i.e will a 105 socket fit/replace my 104socket? Also the decal inside the strobe informs me not take it apart as it is filled with an inert gas. Is this actually true, will it need regasing or can I repair it myself? Thanks for any help you can offer. PauP
  9. http://web-wise-wizard.com/javascript-tuto...ight-click.html
  10. In addition....Many wide angle lenses will focus close-up. Imagine taking a very close photo of the "H" key on your keyboard with a wide angle lens. You will have all the keys in the picture. Take the same picture at the same distance with a telephoto/macro (Narrow angle) lens. the "H" key will fill the whole frame/picture. If you add an extension tube to your wide angle lens to make it close focus you will lose the wide angle coverage so you would choose a close-up diopter instead. PauP
  11. Macro lenses allow extreme close-up by adding extension as it is focused in close. Take a normal 105 telephoto lens, its closest focus point is 90cm. To focus closer you can add an extension ring or tube*, this moves the lens optics away from the film/sensor allowing the lens to focus closer. The Macro lens has this variable extension built in so as you focus closer the lense adds the extension for you. Not all macro lenses reach 1:1 but the better ones do. * or a close-up diopter PauP
  12. Just came back to see these shots again. Fantastic cUlors Todd. I much prefer temperate marinelife. What's the anemone called? We have similar species around the UK -Urticina felina and Bolocera tuediae but ours are usually caked in muck! How did you light the anemone? PauP
  13. Also if this helps, 1:1 can be referred to as "Life size" meaning that the image on a 35mm slide is the same size as the actual physical subject. 2:1 means the image is twice the size of the actual subject. 1:2 is half the size. Lifesize is relative to the medium the image is captured on. A good model of these ratios can be seen by looking a Nikonos close-up/macro framers. Also, I am a bit confused about the term 100% crop. What exactly does that mean? I am not sure on this one?..... 100% crop means there's nothing left! right? When you view an image on a monitor at its full size 100% (maybe to view small detail or sharpness) and you remove/crop a section of the image, that section has then become a 100% crop. PauP
  14. Try this: http://www.amarra.de/exif_uk.htm PauP
  15. I put a good old brass padlock on my camera case with no problems (October 03) We flew with BA and KLM PauP
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