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  1. Love the shot of the Umbria there too. You've done real well to catch the "spookiness" of that wreck... it really is a moody one isn't it? Top work.
  2. I downloaded the beta of Adobe Lightroom a while back and it has this feature along with a pretty decent photo library/management feature. You could create slideshows for the web in flash REALLY quickly (for non-web purposes you could also easily knock up the image size in a few seconds).
  3. Hi Peter, It's sad to see such a good read having such problems. I always enjoy the new editions... I suppose I'm partially to blame for the predicament then. Well, hopefully I can share part of the solution too then. I think what Eric was alluding to earlier is a piece of web technoloy call BitTorrents (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent). Using BitTorrent you could effectively spread the cost of the reader-base of UwP's downloads over that same reader-base... the first few people would download the PDF off your site, then second batch off the first and so on and so on (I like to visualise it as some kind of virus spreading through different hosts). Hope that can be of some use. Good luck! G
  4. I've tried a similar sort of thing with a barracuda I shot before, where he was way too blended with the blue background. Of course he was a fair bit closer, more prominent in the frame and only a single fish so it was a heck of a lot easier... its a good idea though and well worth a shot. You might just want to try it on one or two rays first to test the concept.
  5. You could see if Noise Ninja (http://www.picturecode.com/) can help out any, might be a long shot but worth a go.
  6. The dive shop in Tutakaka (east of Whangarei) is always voted one of the best dive shops in New Zealand. They should be able to give you a pretty good "Poor Knights" experience. I grew up diving for Cray's (Pacific Rock Lobster) just south of there in the "Hen and Chicken" Islands off Bream Bay. It isn't exactly cold water... I usually use a 5mm semi-dry this time of year but if you're not used to temperate diving take something rather warm. Enjoy! edit: here's a link for the Tutakaka dive shop: http://www.diving.co.nz/
  7. Hi Alex, I don't think character encoding is going to be what is affecting your site, it looks more like a configuration problem to me. I think Paul was definitely on to something when he mentioned Database settings and Folder paths. A quick question to help diagnose your problem: do you have a configuration file that contains loads of setting with horrible geeky names such as "ApplicationRootPath" in it? This could be a *.xml, *.config or other file you can open in a text editor (like notepad) in the base of your web application. If you can't find a file with loads of settings in it, let us know what product you're using for your website and one of use geeks can figure out where it should be (hopefully). Not sure how the new fangled PHP websites work (I'm more of a Microsoft web technologies guy) but it definitely sounds like a setting didn't get carried over from one server to another over the weekend. Btw, am on British time at the moment so feel free to PM me with any specific questions you don't want on the board. Cheers, Gerard
  8. There have been many coups in Fiji and I've yet to hear of any disturbance to the tourism industry other than slight delays to flights. Fijians are some of the nicest people around and really value their tourism industry... there's no way 99% of Fijians would ever threaten it (anywhere has that 1% of bad apples though!) I reckon you guys will be totally safe and if anything there'll just be fewer people you have to share the kava with! So jealous of you all going there... I can't wait to get back to Fiji again! Enjoy ... and if anyone is considering a land-based trip where diving is important but not the main event for the other half highly recommend the Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort (http://www.fijiresort.com). Had an amazing trip there a few years back... the diving was great, the staff were awesome (try and go fishing with the chef... if you land a tuna, expect some awesome sashimi at the bar before dinner ) and the food was excellent!
  9. I was in Sudan in October and the Dive Guide (actually Steve from the Whirlwind up north filling in for the normal fella, for those that have met Steve) mentioned that in Feb TB will be running ... I think it was the Hurricane down from Egypt. Here's a rather unhelpful link (no extra info there, just trip date & cost): http://www.scuba.co.uk/Travel/Schedule/sea...amp;upper_cost= The diving in Sudan was worth the over-night in Egypt, I reckon. Especially if you haven't done the pyrimads. We stayed in a hotel right by them and for me, coming from NZ, it was a great thrill to wake up in the morning with those big suckers sitting right outside my window... only worth a morning's trip around them though, there is only so much sandstone I can take in before I start itching for the dive action to hurry up and start.
  10. That's a rather small list of red sea wrecks there, especially given the great couple of wrecks in Sudan... went down there for a trip last October and had awesome dives on the Blue Bell (or Belt depending on translation apparantly), where cars had fallen from the wreck as it sank, creating a toyota garden around the wreck, and on the Umbria just out of Port Sudan, which was scuttled by the Italians as they entered WW2 (great story behind that wreck, even has a Kiwi Captian involved making me rather proud... so seldom do we figure in such events ). The Umbria is famous for its Fiat Lagunas and unexploded bombs and ammunition (and its pizza ovens!!).
  11. that just sounds terribly scientific to me; here's a species we know nothing about and as another species eats a lot of on them we reckon there are enough down there for a couple of years worth of squid burgers for us too before we need to "research" them...? *sigh*
  12. My favourite spot in Australia HAS to be South West Rocks (about half way between Sydney and Byron Bay), specifically Fish Rock. It's an incredible cave, about 125m long, much of it completely without light that makes for an awesome dive (I know the girlfriend might not like it, but its my most memorable dive to date). Watch the ledge in the chimney for some seriously HUGE wobbies! Aside from that, around South West Rocks there are loads of Grey Nurse (aka Ragged Tooth / Sand Tiger) Sharks... on one dive we were lucky to see in excess of 50/75 individuals lurking off one particular rock... an amazing site to see so many of these gentle fish! I'd also second Sydney, it really is much underrated as a dive destination. Head to Shelly Beach & Fairy Bower by Manly for some great snorkelling (theres a marine park there), and for shore dives I like to hunt for weedy sea-dragons on the North side of Bondi beach. I know a couple of good dive shops if you need a local hook-up.
  13. Hi wagsy, Don't know a hell of a lot about Flash but it sounds like you'd need to embed the xml document into the *.swf you're using (with Macromedia's flash editor) or otherwise upload the xml doc *into* the flash player. Getting a little geeky here (but hey, that's how I pay for my diving!): the flash player is downloaded from your website onto the user's PC through the browser and run there with Flash, it is actually run in seperate to what's going on in the browser window so you can't really communicate well from the page to the flash player without using the <object> tag that your flash animation should be defined in in your html page (any flash bunnies out there feel free to correct my poor architectural overview). For stuff like this I like to use http://www.codeproject.com and http://www.devx.com for my web development needs. Good luck!
  14. When I lived in Sydney there was a fantastic dive shop in Manly; they gave great advice on great (although their head instructor did push the old Halcyon a bit... probably went on commission!). They also organised trips, ran a dive club, had a great friday night dive and bbq thing going on in summer. Was a great community! And everyone who participated brought all their gear (well, most of it anyway) from the one shop. Had a similar thing in New Zealand as well, with the Dive Centre that was at that stage on Wairau Rd on the North Shore when I first learnt to dive way back when. Since moving to the UK I haven't had any of the dive shop community feel. Really missing it, ay. Would be great if more shops took a leaf out of that book... I totally agree with scorpio_fish: anything to operate on repeat custom, best kind of marketing ever!!
  15. I went to tahiti when I was a young sprog and while I have great memories of snorkelling there (was too young to dive at the time) I do recall my parents commenting on the high cost of everything. I think Cocos would definitly be higher impact diving, but Tahiti would be more of a relaxing holiday... what with the nice quiet atoll waters instead of the high seas.
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