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  1. Craig, must we use only CC30M filters? can it be cc20, cc40...? How do you go about deciding which is the best suited? Also, for the strobe cc30G filter, if my waters here are more greenish the blue, should I use the cc30B instead? So filters are only for wide angle.how about macro?
  2. ok, Thanks Craig for the heads-up. I gotten the Cokin P holder, but could you enlighten me on how this can be attached to the D180 or Z220? thanks again
  3. Craig, may I know how you attach the filter holder to the Inon strobes? which model of the Lee filter holder did you use? Also, anyone know where I can get the cheapest CC30M filter in the states? thanks
  4. Hi Andy. I had slight vignetting problems with the WAL, All is solved with just a little zomming in. Just a little. Same problems with the macro lens too, all solved with sligh zomming in. If you are in Singapore, maybe we can meet up and see the problem? Think you bought the last of the lens adapter from Andrew(sea & sea) It is said to fit, but does it fit 100% I am not sure.
  5. Can you post their URL here?(hawain Internation Divers ) thanks
  6. maybe check out www.dpreview.com to see the difference.
  7. Hi Andy. Are you from Singapore? I had the S30 with the WPDC-300 casing and S&S WP-DC300 adapter. Also used the 16mm WAL. I did not encounter any such problems. Check and see if the adapter fits and touchs the casing, instead of protruding out. Maybe that is the problem. But when I used the WAL, I had to zoom in a little to avoid the slight black corners been shown in the pics
  8. no idea about the quality of the housing. All I know is that they are situated in Hong Kong
  9. Also, one more question. The sea & sea ds-90DX and ys-90 auto, which is a better strobe in the long run? thinking of upgrading from a ys025dx strobe
  10. I just gotten myself a 5050. Since it has super macro functions up to 3cm, the question is: do I still need my sea & sea 2T and 3T lenses? Anyone has any idea? also, can I force flash in super macro and macro mode with the 5050?
  11. I have one for sale, if anyone is interested. But will be shipped from Singapore. Will not be expensive since it is not heavy.
  12. Just wondering, is there any website/articles to show in diagrams/pictures, the solution?
  13. Thanks for the advice. So basically, I need to reposition my strobe, away/behind my lens to slove the problem right? Maybe some of the strobe light is hitting th lens. Ok, i will give it try soon
  14. Whenever I try to take a wide angle shot with my 16mm lens, with the external strobe on, the picture always produces a 'ring' in the picture. Unless I do not use the strobe, then will it only not have the 'ring' Any suggestions and ideas why this is so?:freak: Attached below is one of the 'ringed' shot Thanks
  15. Using the new Mares X vision. The up/down vision is better them my scubapro framless. But the horizontal views losses out just by a bit, but the X vision is more comfortable.
  16. Might be able to get it here in Singapore. Or not, my cousin still has 1 used one for sale.if he still has it. Interested?
  17. For the camera + u/w housing, you can try Alan Photo (1st floor Sim Lim Sq) Cathay Photo( Pennisula Plaza) or John 3:16(Funan) They offer good reasoable prices The Sea & Sea stuff, cmdasia has already posted the address. He is the only one in the whole of Singapore carrying sea & sea. For Ikelite, go to Divemasters Partama
  18. Just want to know do they have any accessories for canon WDC-300 housings. I read they have an adapter for their lenes, but could not find more info.
  19. Noe, my housing has not have such cracks yet. I have used for 1 year and 2 months now, over 10 dive trips. So far so good. Suggest you call your canon office and ask.
  20. It's ok TJO. Thanks for the offer. I just wanted to know the prices and what is availible for wdc-300 canon housings. I also wanted to find a dealer nearer to where I stay, in Singapore. do you think you can help? I am interested in the strobe
  21. how do you email them? the whole website is in japanese. couldn't understand a word.
  22. how to read the news? all in Japanese only. doesn't Inon have an english site?
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