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  1. Good shots Robyn. I'll go there in March previous of my trip to Tiger Beach. Could you tell me more about this place?. Are there other dives points?, Water temperature?, etc. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Sea&Sea DX-5D housing and I've seen the ports that I need in the Sea&Sea web: - for the Sigma 15 mm and the Canon 17-40L the port is the NX Fisheye Dome Port (56401) - for the Canon 100mm f2.8 macro USM, there are two options: NX Custom Flat Port or DX Macro Port 50 with DX Macro Port Base I don't like those ports for the 100mm because are very big and no possibility to use wet close lense like woody's diopter. Somebody have tried the following option?: NX Compact Macro Port Base ( 56201)" and "Compact Macro Port 52 (56241)" Are there another flat ports for de 100mm in DX-5D housing? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your comment and have a good dives there.
  4. Thanks for your comment. Thanks for your comment Cipriano. Un abrazo.
  5. Good shots!! Fantastic place.It has made me remind my trip there three years ago. Probably it will be my next trip.
  6. Hi, a few pictures of Sipadan and Mabul fishes.
  7. Hi, here you are some WA pictures of my recent dives in Sipadán, Mabul and Kapalai.
  8. Hi ChrisJ, thanks for your comment. Hi shawnh, only is sure to take a boat to see them since the surface but I don't know any centre to snorkeling. Thanks for your comment.
  9. Hi gerard, although I have programmed my camera settings to intensify the blue a little, the blue of that shots are very real and it's just as you can see in that place. Thanks for your comment.
  10. Hi DeanB, El Hierro is a fantastic place to dive, the blue abyss and visibility are fascinating in "El Bajón". Thanks for your comment.
  11. Hi paul, both encounters snorkeling. There are some boats to go to see them since the surface, but I don`t know any dive centre for scuba diving or snorkeling. Thanks for your comment.
  12. Hi loftus, Canary Islands and Hawaii are the only sites in the world that pilot whales live permanently. All time of year is good to see them, and the better place is the south of Tenerife island. Thanks for your comment.
  13. Thanks a lot. Here you are two pics a few months ago. A pilot whales family: Mother and son:
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