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  1. Used Nauticam D800 Version 2 Housing for Sale - Excellent condition For more information. Contact Carolyn at ctdavismd@gmail.com or call 1-913-634-9652 Free Ground shipping in the USA For Pictures and more information https://www.housingcamera.com/used-nauticam-na-d800ii-underwater-housing-for-nikon-d800-dslr-camera.html
  2. I just joined Wetpixel, but I do share pictures on instagram. Please check it out and follow along. https://www.instagram.com/ctdavismd/
  3. Hi All, I'm Carolyn and I live in Kansas. I know --- not a great place for someone that loves SCUBA diving. I've been diving for 30 years, but unfortunately, I only get to take 1 and if i'm lucky 2 trips per year; so it was a hard decision to pay the big bucks for the underwater gear. I started with a SeaLife camera, but it drove me crazy with not being able to shoot RAW and the marked shutter lag. I finally bought the housing for my good topside camera a few years ago and I have loved underwater photography. I shoot with a Nikon D800 in Nauticam housing and Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes. I recently upgraded my topside camera to the Nikon D850 and I am thinking of selling my Nauticam housing NA-D800. "Take Pictures and Leave only Bubbles"
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