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  1. What port are you using? Are you sure it is not front floaty instead of back heavy? Maybe the ikelite port trim arm is what you're looking for?
  2. DP-100 glass minidome. Scratch removed with toothpaste and a microfiber cloth.
  3. If no strobes or lights and only shooting ambient/filters, always white balance in camera. Get it as close as possible in camera so you don't have to push it too hard in post.
  4. Which housing did you go for?
  5. I have a pair of Retra Pros (not bragging) with bayonet mount wide angle diffusers, reduction rings etc. Each strobe accessory has a small loop of cord for attachment/stowage. How do others in the community attach or store strobe accessories during a dive so they can be easily donned and doffed? I'm looking for a solution that is suitable for tropical and cold water diving. I've though of a few ideas but am paralyzed by indecision! In order of preference: 1. Store in BCD/Suit pockets. Sub-optimal when wearing gloves. I already have plenty in the pockets - don't want to risk losing diffusers when deploying SMB. 2. Decide what to shoot before dive. Mount appropriate accessories and leave on. No plan for removal. Zero flexibility, worries, task loading or risk of loss. 3. Loop of bungee through accessory cord loop, hook bungee over body of strobe. Potentially very flappy and annoying, might get blown off back of strobe in current. 4. Carabiner / double ender snap on multi-purpose clamp shackle in middle of arm segment. Easy access, secure, not flappy around strobe. Requires extra clips/snaps, potentially frustrating with gloves. Fiddly to operate with one hand. I do have a habit of overthinking things! Any insights or advice from the community would be welcome!
  6. Thanks very much, Nudibranco. I've been in correspondence with Balazs at Turtle TTL to confirm the specs of the o-turtle. If you see this post, Balazs, thank you very much for your fast responses to my questions on a holiday weekend. Truly excellent customer service. I'll be ordering an o-turtle manual trigger to enable HSS functionality with the Retra Pros and keep my dmw -fl70 as backup flash trigger, or for when I want to use TTL. I'll be taking both triggers to the Red Sea in June. I'll try to write up a trip report when I get back.
  7. Thanks for the input @nudibranco, have you had success using the Turtle TTL converter triggering HSS on Retras with the GH5?
  8. Hi @Pavel Kolpakovcan you confirm if the uwtechnics converter for the GH5 supports and enables HSS with the Retra Pro / Pro X? I saw your post from a few years ago stating an update would be coming but the website states that HSS is not supported.
  9. FYI if you're looking for a conversion lens for FF then you're probably looking at WACP.
  10. I'll be taking my UWL-09F, Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic 14-42ii on the WetPixel Red Sea Odyssey in June. If anyone on the trip has a WWL-1, I'll see if we can arrange some side by side comparisons. For science!
  11. Hello, Brian. I'm UK based too. Cambridge, to be precise. I did my first UK dives in Swanage in Sept 2020 thanks to a cancelled red sea liveaboard. I really enjoyed it and would love to go back. Nice tompot
  12. Better insight might be gained from understanding when housing systems have failed during water entry. I expect you'd find very few even anecdotal reports. To me or seems aluminium housings are built like tanks and ports under vacuum are sealed tight. I'm more concerned about avoiding entry techniques that resulted in the photography equipment hitting myself of dive equipment.
  13. For many of us 2022 may be the first time since 2019 that we've had the opportunity to travel internationally. After such a long break without getting the passport out, we may have lost sight of the expiry dates of our travel documents. My partner tried to book a package holiday this week and we discovered her passport expired Nov' 2021. Similarly, a friend of mine was traveling last weekend and encountered a distraught mother who realised her passport had expired at the airport check-in with her family. In the UK, it can take 4-10 weeks to renew a passport, longer at peak periods. I anticipate a surge of applications in Spring and Summer and lengthy delays in turnaround time. Check your passport today, renew if necessary, and avoid all that stress.
  14. >> A near miss! I booked the trip to Egypt when the only week available was the week in June! >> Let me know if you're organising a Farne Islands trip this year and I'll see if I'm available. September is the best time of year, the pups are building independence from their mothers and are incredibly curious and playful! We couldn't go 30 seconds without being inspected. Maybe we got very lucky, though I was completely unprepared for how fast they are! >> Re: freezing. It is a very strange issue that only happened in the thick of the action! The freeze COULD NOT be resolved by switching the camera off. The image on the LCD was frozen; zebras were flashing but the whole system was unresponsive. Thankfully disengaging the lens worked; I was fortunate the lens did not fall from the mount and end up loose in the port and dome! I have managed to replicate this issue once outside of the housing. Having the camera in C-AF, AF-ON mapped to thumb button and held down, while quickly racking zoom on the lens. I cannot get this issue to repeat with AFS or AFF. I cannot diagnose the issue any further than establish that it exists. Given that other users have experience similar issues with other EF lenses on the viltrox and metabones adapters, I don't think 'upgrading' to the metabaones will eliminate the issue. I have a solution that I can deploy in the water, so as much as the issue is deeply annoying, it can be quickly resolved, albeit very much complicated by wearing 5mm gloves!
  15. Thanks, @Architeuthis for the comparisons between the Zen 100mm and Nauticam 140mm domes. Very insightful. For me, size, budget and weight were major considerations. I picked up a brand-new-second-hand DP-100CR (0.71 kg) for ~£500 on a popular online marketplace, they're not too hard to find around this price. I was also attracted to the built in extension for the Canon 8-15 FE, mitigating the need for a distinct extension ring. The DP-100 also fits perfectly in my lens and port divider bag back-to-back with my wide wet lens. I suspect any larger dome would struggle to fit in and may even lose protection or be at risk of damage. However, compare this setup to ~£340 - 0.21kg for 30mm N120 extension ring (difficult to find second hand deals) and ~£889 - 1.45kg for the 140mm Optical Glass Dome (£1031 if you want the removable shade), you're looking at ~£729 to £871 cost and 0.95 kg weight saving. Regardless of your budget or airline carrier, these figures are significant. I am not using the printed extension ring extender (incompatible with zen dome) so have resorted to shifting the toothed zoom ring backwards onto the first set of gripping pads so the teeth can engage with the N85-N120 adaptor port gear. This has not resulted in the zoom gear falling off (yet) so is my make do solution for now. In my experience the ~5mm misalignment of the entrance pupil of the lens closer to the dome than is calculated to be optimal has not had a noticeable an impact of FOV or IQ. I don't have the 140mm dome and 30mm extension, so I can't perform the comparisons you have made. See below some images with the 8-15FE on a GH5 with Zen DP-100 CR from a diving trip to the Farne Islands. There's some motion blur thanks to the 1/30 shutter speed, I should have gone faster and upped the strobe power. Overall, the setup completely exceeded my expectations. I did not observe issues with focussing at f.5-6 - f8, focus snapped on every time. I'll be taking this setup on the WetPixel Red Sea Odyssey at end May early June and will report back with performance with WAM, CFWA and wide scenic. It will take observation of dramatic underperformance of this set up compared to others on the trip to convince me the benefits above have made to big a sacrifice/compromise to image quality or overall usability. Note: I did experience freezing of the camera when zooming the lens with C-AF. Apparently this is common with some EF lenses on m43 bodies with metabones/viltrox adaptors. This was resolved by holding the lens release button and dismounting the lens using the port adaptor gear until camera warns the lens is not mounted, then rotating back until engaged. I must say it caused more than a small amount of panic and I've struggled to replicate this issue on dry land. Murphy is always with us when diving, I guess.
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