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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I have been in contact with my retailer and he informs me having spoken to Weefine that the dome has to be replaced by the manufacturer as its a sealed unit and has to be done in a 'clean' environment, I believe its gas filled. The dome is too hard to be polished. From UK back to China (im assuming) 3 week turnaround and £125 bill which I believe £60 of is carriage. I suppose it could have been worse, it could have been a total loss.
  2. I have just replaced a macbook air with a Microsoft surface pro which in my opinion leaves the Mac way behind. It is light with a detachable keyboard which then puts the laptop into tablet mode and reportedly a 13 hr battery lfe. Screen quality is superb and a pen allows for fine editing and photo manipulation. OS is Windows 10 and running Lightroom 6. No issues with performance / speed. There are quite a few versions in the Surface Pro range so a few to choose from.
  3. I have just put a nasty scratch right in the middle of my Weefine WFL-02 fisheye lens and unfotunately this shows in the photos. What makes this even more upsetting is that it was on the 1st dive with the lense. "The lens is constructed from 4 high-quality low dispersion optical glasses and a hard-coated polycarbonate dome to correct unwanted aberration. All the glass lenses have been coated with (BBAR) broadband anti-reflection coating." Can this be polished out or have I made a very expensive mistake?
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