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  1. I loved watching this incredible footage and seeing the actual shooting of an Imax Film and the interviews with Howard and Michele Hall.
  2. Hi DOUBLEH., I don't know if your question is still active or not? But, I own a Sony RX100-VI, along with a Nauticam Housing, CMC-1 Macro lens and the Nauticam WWL-1 Wide Angle Wet Lens. The specs between the Sony RX100 V & VI are close to being the same. The big improvements were with the ISO Range, more focus points and the lens going from a 70mm to 200mm telephoto!. With the Nauticam standard port you can use the full telephoto range and with the use of a CMC-1 macro wet lens, can get down to extreme macro! Above water the 200mm telephoto makes the Sony a great all around travel camera. I shoot birds, other wildlife, rock concerts and car racing with it!! Hope this helps?
  3. Hi my name is Brett Walker and I live in Sacramento, California, I originally joined WetPixel back in 2012, but my profile says 2018 probably because that's when I updated to a new email address. I have enjoyed shooting underwater images since my 10th dive and getting lessons from a photo pro on an Kona Aggressor Liveaboard trip in Hawaii. That was 1995 when Backscatter Photo was still located at the Monterey Breakwater parking lot. I have purchased many different camera systems over the years from them and other UW Photo stores.I became a PADI instructor in 2000, have won both national and international photo competitions and was even an underwater shooter for a Independant Dive Travel show that aired on PBS. More of a recreational diver and shooter now and belong to several dive clubs and organizations. WetPixel has been a great source of information since I first joined and a great classifieds section that I have both purchased and sold equipment on as I upgraded my systems from my first Nikonos IV back in 1995. Looking forward to more dive trips even in these challenging times!
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