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    For Sale:

    Ikelite Remote TTL Slave Sensor for DS Digital Series Substrobes #4100.5 Brand new. $100.00 email for purchase details. cer@centurytel.net :freak:
  2. I received the info from a direct phone call to Sea and Sea sales department. I was told the it had been discontinued and to search the dealers to maybe find one in stock.
  3. cer

    For Sale

    Sea and Sea #03040 2 to 1 Macro Lens - $100.00 Sea and Sea #03031 16mm/f5.6 Wide angle Lens - $150.00 Shipping is included. New condition, no scratches. Email me for payment details. cer@centurytel.net
  4. The Sea and Sea Digital Lens adapter #38101 for the Canon WP-DC300 housing has been discontinued. Does anyone know where I could buy one new or used????/
  5. Has any one used the YS 90DX without the fiber optic sync cord with a preflash camera in a clear housing? Can it be set to ignore the preflash and sync with the main flash in a reliable manner without the fiber optic sync cord? I have no use for TTL and want to use the YS 90DX in manual slave mode. How would I focus on a night dive?
  6. Ike, I think you are doing a good job of explaining it. Most underwater photographers eventually shoot mostly in the manual mode. To many uncontrollable factors can confuse TTL. The big advantage to shooting digital is instant feedback. With the manual controller, you set your flash level and camera speed/aperture, shoot the photo, review it, adjust settings, and retry. After a time you will lean how to set up your camera to where you will only need to shoot once (nothing like experience). The human eye and brain is still better than any TTL. If you do not have the time to learn your camera/flash setup, the TTL will get you some good shots under certain circumstances.
  7. Here is a link to a complete DS 125 package sold by Adorama. It includes tray, arms, ttl slave controller and the DS125. http://www.adorama.com/catalog.tpl?op=deta...69&sku=IK397365
  8. The same insurance I carry. I figure if I can trust them with medical expenses, then I can trust them with video and digital camera equipment.
  9. And insurance companies always pay 100% of their legitimate claims. Sorry for the negativism, but I have experienced otherwise.
  10. For an external flash, I use one Ikelite DS 125 with the manual strobe controller. It offers great wide angle coverage and has a modeling light built in. Adoroma has the complete package for the Canon housing and this link: http://www.adorama.com/catalog.tpl?op=deta...69&sku=IK397365 (copy and paste this link in your browser). This package includes the TTL strobe controller. I had them switch it for the manual strobe controller (gives you ten flash levels, TTL is a gambling game as far as I am concerned, Ikelite tech support said that they could not garantee TTL would work for all the prefash consumer cameras). Adoroma also sells a Sea & Sea lens adapter so that you can mount the Sea and Sea Motor Mairine IIEX 2:1 and 3:1 macro lens and the 16 and 20 mm wide angle lens on the canon housing. Available at this link: http://www.adorama.com/refby.tpl?sku=SSCLAC300
  11. Housings flood no matter how cheap or expensive. I have been lucky, but have had friends, who used expensive video and still camera housings, who did perfect predive maintenace, flood their housings and cameras. It only takes a speck of dust, a hair, lint from your cleaning rag, or a slight nick in an o-ring. It only takes one drop of salt water to fry a digital camera or camcorder. I find it enlighting that Canon is replacing cameras and housings, most companies will charge you for trying to repair the housing and camera, then sell you a new housing and camera at full price if they are unsuccessful. Insurance companies only pay off if your housing and camera were accidentally dropped overbaord (hint)! Don't try it, may not work every time.
  12. and the reason you are selling it is?
  13. Ike, As I understand it, the manual slave sensor can be set to ignore the preflash and fire in sync with the main flash of the camera. I would just set up the flash output power, set my S45 to manual, and set shutter speed/fstop. I want the DS125 because of wide angle coverage and the modeling light.
  14. I have a complete Sea & Sea Motor Marine IIEX system for sale. Includes: Motor Marine II EX camera, two Sea and Sea YS120 ttl strobes, sync cords, multistay tray, two Arms IV, two lens cadies, one high point view finder, and a Pelican 1500 case. email for price. cer@centurytel.net
  15. But that is the whole purpose of the DS125 design. To work with housings and cameras the do not have a sync port (TTL or manual). I still want to know how others with duel DS125 strobes set up (aim) their TTL slave senors!!!!!!!
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