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  1. I've just bought the MDXD300 - I've got the 105vr loaded into the standard NX flat port (56101) with an extension ring (50261). Sea and Sea USA told me I'd need extn ring 56111 - but the 105vr actually fits behind the smaller extension ring that is also used for the 17-35 eith the 8" acrylic dome port. sea and sea USA assured me that the new 60mm af-s fits Ok into the NX flat port without an extension ring (I can't confirm because I don't possess this lens). So....the 17-35 = 50261 and 56401. the 105vr = 50261 and 56101. the 60mm = 56101. Ask Sea and Sea direct if you're still unsure. Don't ask Sea and Sea UK - they will just repeat whatever is in the brochure. Anybody wanna buy a 56111 extn ring?
  2. Thanks ATJ I might do what you've suggested - I can get the lens you mention for about £65 here in the UK and that leaves money for a second strobe! - I can't believe the amount of energy i've put into checking up on this and Sea and Sea, whose housing I want to buy only mentions a few lenses as being compatible - ask them about any other lens and they try and bully you into buying the lenses they have on their list. I emailed about the housing for a 17-55, which they don't list, and the reply said something to the effect of "just get the 17-35 because underwater photography is about getting close to your subject" (what news!). I'm scared to ask them any more questions. Nikon doesn't even make the 17-35 any more - Jessops can't get it! Luckily a nice chap at Marine Visions in the US has offered to find out the housing for the 17-55 and the new 60mm afs ed macro lens for me. I'd still like to look at something wider though! Anybody have any thoughts on the sigma 10-20, I've read somewhere that it's sharper u/w than the nikon 12-24 f4? Mind you that's another lens for which Sea and Sea doesn't know what ports / extension and zoom rings are required. I could understand if Sea and Sea wasn't Japanese, but surely their engineers can easily work with Canon / Nikon / Sigma etc. Sorry, am I having a moan? The tokina 10-17 looks good but the price of the glass dome to go with it aaaaagghhhh!
  3. Thanks for all the great advice. I'm going to get a D300 - I've only used P&S cameras in the past and have reached the limit of what can be achieved (as far as I'm concerned). I just can't compete at dive club with my better equipped friends. I've had great fun with the P&S models over the years and have never really used the zoom - I just swim closer to the little critters when I want to shoot them - usually switching to the digital macro setting. I am quite comfortable with this style of shooting. I'm planning a trip to lake malawi later in the year (1000+ species of fish - 99% found nowhere else on Earth) they mainly grow between 6 and 12 inches long. So I suppose the 60mm macro looks favourite. has anyone tried the new 24-70mm f2.8lens from Nikon yet. It's been getting rave reviews (best Nikkor ever etc.) Dave
  4. Choosing a housing is confusing enough. Ikelite seems to have the most competitive offer and with dslr bodies evolving and changing so often it seems foolish to buy a more expensie ali housing - but as I'm a fool I might just do that as I prefer the smaller housing. Where i don't want to make a fool of myself is with lens choice - I need to have something that won't end up on ebay! Should i go for a 12-24 and a 60mm macro or something that might do a bit of each like a 17-35mm f2.8? Mainly I like photographing reef fish - but also the whole reef on occasion. Will I regret the compromise of a single lens or will I congratulate myself for making the most of the shooting opportuinties with one more all purpose lens? Is there really a better single lens solution?
  5. Hi With regard to the above, I'd never considered that Canon would cripple the wide angle capability of their P&S product with their (own) uw housing. I'm probably going going to get a new setup at the end of January. I like Canon cameras and despite the slow shutter speed, noise levels at high ISO etc. I'm torn between a G7 and ixus850. Will the G7 have a similar wide angle performance then to the 850 once they're each encased in their uw housings? Dave James
  6. Hi Everyone Would the Canon Ixus 850 (SD800) with the WP DC9 housing not be a better u/w camera? It has a 28mm wide angle and with only 7mp there should be less noise at all ISO settings. Dave
  7. I'm in the market for a new digicam and housing. From the reviews I've read the Fuji F30 is one of the best current options - due to its low noise at higher ISO values. However, Canon has just released the G7 with IS. Ultimately I want to go DSLR +housing - but maybe not for a year or two. What advice can the contributors to this forum give me? Dave
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