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  1. I take it you have this lens and you've noticed it doing that as well - PITA isn't it - especially with the relatively stoneage AF system used on this lens - good tip though thanks. I reckon then that if I combine separating AF and shutter buttons with this technique, I'll be pretty close to a complete solution. Thanks again - I'll have a play around in that range and do some comparison shots beyond f22 to find a compromise that works for me. Pretty much as I anticipated, but nice to know I'm on the right lines.
  2. I considered getting a manual port - but according to the port chart, there isn't one for this lens - my experience is that the Ike chart isn't comprehensive though so there may be one but they simply haven't listed it - if anyone can reccomend one that they know does work I'd be grateful. I considered separating the buttons for shutter and AF - haven't tried it yet (lens only arrived 2 days ago) but its good to know that someone else thinks along the same lines as me. so basically you are saying avoid going beyond f22 then? Normally I would use a tripod - however I'm trying to emulate how I would shoot underwater as much as possible (I even considered putting the camera in the housing minus the port to get used to using the port controls ) - so looking for more dynamic subjects like bugs and butterflies etc where using a tripod is often not practical
  3. Hi - I recently bought a sigma 105mm macro (EX DG). I have not had a chance to take it underwater yet - but have been taking a few shots on land to get a feel for it and what it can do. While overall it's a very satisfactory piece of kit - particularly considering the price point between it and the Canon alternative, it does have a few limitations and drawbacks. I was hoping to get some tips from other people who use this lens so that I can get the most from it - particularly Canon/Ikelite users like me. 1. The autofocus is very slow and a bit clunky - it seems to spend a lot of time hunting - sometimes without any success - particularly as you head closer towards 1:1 - on land, manual focus is the way forward here, however my Ikelite housing does not allow manual focus control of this lens as the focusing ring is too far forward for the zoom/focus gear to reach. - can anyone give me any tips as to how to minimise AF hunting? 2. Image sharpness/aperture - overall my pics have been sharp as a knife however I have noticed that Images stopped up beyond F22 start to get a bit squishy - making what I thought was a very nice feature on paper (stopping down to F44) almost irrelevant - has anyone experienced the same? any tips on improving sharpness in the smaller aperture range? 3. Camera shake/shutter speed - on land I normally shoot at around 1/30 - 1/60 or sometines even slower due to the small apertures involved - however when I'm shooting at or close to maximum magnification, images seem to suffer from some camera shake - my guess is that this would be relatively easy to combat underwater as the increased light from my strobes would enable me to use a faster shutter speed, plus with the added stability that the larger size of the housing would give me, shake would be reduced - any thoughts or advice on this?
  4. I'm hoping to spend a month diving in Koh Tao Thailand this summer, and I'm after a good macro lens. I've decided on the sigma 105mm macro. I can buy an imported one off ebay for around £220 including postage (equiv US$430 approx) - which is a great deal compared to Uk retail or UK internet prices, and I'm more than prepared to take a risk on international warranty issues for the money I'll save. However I'm wondering whether prices are similar in thailand - it would make my life a lot easier if I could simply pick one up retail when I arrive in Bangkok - The price doesnt neccessarily have to be better or matched, happy to pay a bit more for the convenience - say 10-20% more. can anyone advise me on what I'm likely to pay for this lens at retail in bangkok? reccommend a good camera retailer there? Perhaps a decent Ikelite retailer as well as I may pick up a port or two. thanks in advance PS - mods - not sure if this is the right place to post this so feel free to move this post to a more appropriate location if neccessary
  5. Finally gone digital after years of shooting on film - and I have to admit, I'm pretty clueless of how to set up my camera for shooting without the security blanket of TTL - particularly for macro shots. I'm fairly used to shooting manually for wide angle, so that's less of an issue - but any tips for a good starting point for macro shots would be handy - I have to admit I've never flown anything other than autopilot for macro in my life :-) I have 2 100a ike strobes and one ss50 - I'd assume that a 100a + ss50 would be best combo for starters - perhaps with a home-made diffuser on the 100a and increase the subject to strobe distance relative to the ss50 ?? reccommended F-stop? - shutter speed? what about other digi specific settings like white balance - I'll admit that I don't even know what this is or means tha nks in advance guys
  6. feel free although this is the port you would use for a sigma 105mm when shooting with a canon dslr, apparently you need a 5505.46 for the Nikon 105VR here's a link to the port compatibility chart on the ikelite website - its not completely comprehensive as there are other lenses not listed that will work with certain ports - but its a very useful reference nonetheless.. http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_nikon.html
  7. I'm guessing that there's not much chance getting hold of a used one as these seem to be the most useful of the macro ports for canon shooters like me and people tend to hang on to them - but if someone out there wants to help out a financially challenged student I'd appreciate it.
  8. Anyone used this lens successfully in an ikelite housing? judging by the focusing distance and physical dimensions of the lens it sounds like it should work behind a 5503 standard dome port. Its closer focusing than the 15mm, slightly lower magnification, but a fair bit cheaper - so perhaps a worthy compromise. any comments / advice ? anyone tried it out?
  9. Thanks Vannar - I appreciate that the sigma 15mm will not be full 180 on the 10d - it'll still be darned wide though - perhaps not quite as wide as the tokina, but I tend to have a bias towards prime lenses as they are often sharper - saying that, I havent made up my mind for sure yet and the tokina is definitely a contender. I hear what you are saying about longer macro lenses and flat ports - and I'm agreed - in the longer term I will invest in a 100 or 105 and the appropriate flat port - but for now funds just aren't quite there so I'm looking to make a few compromises. ps - I hear that if you are brave enough, you can modify EF-S lenses to fit other canon DSLRs that have the same sized sensor (like the 10d)
  10. Thanks David I contacted ikelite a while back when I was looking at some other housings (350d & d70) - they were uncharacteristically unhelpful when asked that question and pretty much just quoted what it says on their website verbatim: "(2) Old SubStrobe Ai, MV, 50, 100, 200, and 400 models can be used, but operate only as manual strobes. The housing back may still need to be returned to us for conversion circuitry modification to utilize these older pre-digital era strobes. " my local ike dealer (and when I say local I mean over 300km away!) didnt seem to know either. considering that at some point I will be upgrading to DS strobes, I'd really rather not have to have the housing modified twice. I've found both Ikelite and camerasunderwater to be very knowledgeable and helpful in the past but on this question I have always drawn a blank from them - for this reason I'm hoping someone on this forum actually uses (or has tried to use) this or a very similar set-up and can be a little more definitive
  11. Hi - have finally taken the plunge and made my first move away from 35mm to digital with the purchase of a used ikelite housing for an eos10d. Although I used to shoot on a nikon f90 underwater, I do have some old canon glass however I tried them out on a friends eos350d and I get the dreaded "err99" - so presumably they will be incompatible with my new eos10d too. so looking for some lens advice. For CFWA I'm pretty much decided on what to get (sigma 15mm FE), but agonising slightly over macro and general portraiture - especially as ports (don't really want to be carrying 3 or 4 ports on every dive trip) and price are an issue (I'm a student). For macro I'd love a 105mm, but they are pricey and I'd need to buy a new port too - so instead I was very interested in the canon 50mm macro - you can pick them up off ebay for not much more that £100 and apparently I can use it with a 5503.50 dome port - which I already have. can anyone give me an opinion on the lens itself? What's it like behind a dome port? acceptible? too much pincushioning? I'd also like zoom for general portraiture - on the f90 i'd use a 28-80mm - what would its equivalent be on a canon dslr (still not 100% au fait with cropping factors)? any recommendations for something like this that'll fit behind a 5503 or 5503.50? thanks in advance
  12. Hi have finally taken the plunge and made my first move away from 35mm to digital with the purchase of a used ikelite housing for an eos10d from ebay yesterday (at an almost embarassingly low price). I'm a student so cash is tight so I am hoping I can save myself a fairly big chunk of cash by keeping my old but still very much functioning 100a's as I understand it, provided I upgrade my strobe cables to the newer digital compatible ones, this should be fine ( although I won't get eTTL - which at this stage I'm not too bothered about anyway) However I have read that SOME Ike housings may need additional modification in order for this to work. Has anyone here tried the ike eos10d / older ike strobe combination before and found it to work? any other advice? thanks in advance
  13. well for what its worth, I can testify that this is a great little lens - I actually used in preference over my 15mm prime lens on my NikV - although it wasn't quite as sharp it wasn't far off, and I could switch between that lens, the standard 35mm, and an Ocean optic close-up kit on a single dive - making for a very versatile little set-up - so I could go from this: to this: Back to this:
  14. Out of interest, is this the same as the one S&S made for the Nikonos ?
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