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  1. I made a mistake, i've not the 5510.22 but the 5510.16. Sorry.
  2. Hi, I have a Nikon D700 + Sigma 15 FE 2.8 DX. For split shot I still use the big 8" but this not my favorite type of photo (I never manage do remove all water droplet). For underwater I use the 5" precision dome (Prec-5in-Nik-ike) + Ikelite 5510.11 but it has a little bit of vignetting (you see the sunshade on some corners) I spoke with Bill who made a new sun shade. It was better but not enough and after that He made a new dome call Prec-5in-Sho-ike but I don't try it. It's not easy to do splishot with it but not impossible. Today, I mainly use the Prec-5in-Nik-ike + 5510.22 + Sigma 15 + Kenko 1.4. I have tried the 6" but I find it not good. Prec-5in-Nik-ike + Sigma 15 :
  3. Finaly find the reason. Some springs became rusty in the ikelite hotshoe. After cleaning everything working. Hope this help.
  4. Hi, my setup give me headache! One Ikelite D700. Two DS 51 One cord for one strobe. One cord for two strobe. (It use to work before.) Ikelite module set to DS51. The hot shoe is fully seated. The lightning symbol show into the D700 screen indicator. The AA battery are ok. One strobe with the appropriate cord in TTL : Fire once and then nothing. The other strobe with the appropriate cord in TTL : Fire once and then nothing. Two strobes with the appropriate cord both on TLL : Fire once and then nothing. I've switch off the camera : nothing I've switch the strobes : Fire once and then nothing. What's wrong?
  5. Hi, Have a similar issue on one dive. Everything was ok at the depth of 6m. But when I reached 20m, the screen don't bring up anymore, but shutter works and I can take picture. I understood the problem after the dive : the LCD screen protector was on the body!!! (Ikelite D700.)
  6. Find it : http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29986 I've never remove the shade. I'm affraid of straching it on the rock. It's a huge piece. Maybe the simpliest way is to cut out the corner of the shade?
  7. Hi, black corner with sigma 15 + D700 in Ikelite depend on focus distance! Sometime there is no black corner, sometime there is. We has dicsuss this with Alex Mustard (he have the same problem with subal) but I can't find the topic. I've purchass the precision dome 5 inch by Underwater camera stuff, I will try it for black corner
  8. I've choosen the one made by Underwater camera stuff : Have to test in real underwaterworld
  9. Hello! there is two Zen minidome for Ikelite. One for Tokina : DP-100-IT One for Canon : DP-100-IC Maybe somebody have made a test with a nikon full frame D700 with Sigma 15"? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  10. Fletcher, Nice Wa shot! Do you have a CFWA shot to show? Thank you Thank you Bill! I will make some dry test on land to show how close I can get with the TC 1.4. Sigma, also, have a close focus.
  11. Hi Bill, I've read your Link. Very usefull. Thank you. I'm sorry for my english, what is "backing plate" and wich photo is? I've another question, how close I can get? Alex can fill the frame with a Urchin with the Zen (4"). Is it possible with your 5" dome? Thank a lot! JS.
  12. Hi, Thank you Bill & Sean! Does somebody have tried with D700? I will read your link
  13. Hi, Actually my setup is : D700 + Sigma 15mm FE + Ikelite housing with big dome (8"). I love CFWA. Wich setup could work with my FF camera in Ikelite? I've read "Thoughts on Mini Domes" By A. Mustard. Alex said he have some problem with the sigma 15 and his Subal D700. So, Zend Dp-100 could be a good solution? Maybe I need to go back to the DX? Thanks a lot!
  14. With Sigma 15 FE. I don't think there is another choice? (Nikon 16 don't focus close enough.)
  15. Hi, I've read the very good article of A. MUSTARD : "Thoughts on Mini Domes ". I'm wondering wich dome I can use with an Ikelite D700 for making very close focus fisheye shot? Thanks. JS.
  16. Hi, Kenko 1.4DG is 0.8" Ikelite 5510.16 is 0.8" longer than 5510.11. So I think the best is 5510.16. I have not enough time to order one 5510.16 so I've tried with the 5510.11. 5510.11+5510.45, 15FE Sigma + Kenko 1.4 DG. A little bit too long (0.8"!) No sea, no lake, no pool...Tried with my cichlids F/11 1/6 3200iso. (no flash, is really a quick crappy test to show if I can go with the 5510.11) I think this setup can work...
  17. Hi, Wich port body I need for a FE Sigma 15mm + Kenko Pro 1.4 on a 8" dome port? 5510.16? thanks a lot.
  18. Mariozi, where the earnings? Aluminium housing is more attractive, sexy... but can you see it on pictures? I don't think. In 2007 I was in Malawi (Africa) [you can see here : http://www.6klid.com/expo ] with two D70 and one Ike housing. No problem! I just want a better sensor! More bokeh (I love my lens wide open ) Vigneting with the 8 dome port, affraid me before I try it (Topic FE for D700). Alex Mustard says that it can also occurs on subal dome! If one day, I have enough money, for sure I'll take an alumium housing...just for the look
  19. You're right! On land I want a FX! I travel with 2 bodies. It's better if there are the same model. (backup) So...need a housing for D700, can't afford Aquatica or Subal one... stay Ikelite! I'm going to send mine for upgrade (4 locks). Thanks Rocha!
  20. Hello, I'm looking for a D2X housing. but not too expensive! (less expensive than a full D300 gear!) You can make offer here. thank you. j-s@6klid.com
  21. Hello, Finally I buy the 5503. 5503, doesn't solve the problem, massive vignetting even with the dome shade removed. With the 8" (5510.45 + 5510.10), it's...work with the dome shade! Ike D700, 8" dome (5510.45 + 5510.10), sigma FE 15mm F/2.8 EX : (F/5.6, 1/60, 200iso) Except the top right corner, wich is black. (the dome shade!) Crop 100% Sometime there is no black corner, it depend of the focus distance. Not a big issue! Maybe with an another dome shade?
  22. Hi, Maybe it's a stupid question...but it's mine. I have an Ike D700 with 8" dome assembly, Sigma 15 FE, 60mm macro with flat port. On land I have also a D2X, 10.5 and 105VR. I want to travel to Africa, but I don't want a Dx0 anymore (no D90, D80 or D70). Subal ND2 + D2X or Ike D700 + D700 seems to weight approx the same. I know it's a curious question. What do you think about that? ps : Is somebody has a picture with side by side, an Ike housing and Subal one?
  23. J-S

    FS Ike D700

    Hi, For sale Ikelite D700 housing (6812.07) It have 5 dives in fresh water only (Lac LĂ©man, France). 960 Euros (from France) Can ship international, but buyer will pay for the shippement.
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